MARTA To Conduct “Full Scale Police Exercise” at East Lake Station

I’m sure we’ll have to reference this post again on November 20th, but just so many of you are aware ahead of time, Decatur Mayor Bill Floyd passes along this announcement from MARTA officials…

MARTA will conduct a Full Scale Police Exercise at the East Lake Station and surrounding area on Saturday, November 20, 2010, in coordination with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Atlanta Police and Fire Departments, and Decatur Police and Fire Departments. These annual training exercises provide the opportunity for the MARTA Police Department (MPD), MARTA staff and other emergency response agencies to practice response and recovery operations during a simulated situation.

4 thoughts on “MARTA To Conduct “Full Scale Police Exercise” at East Lake Station”

  1. Who do I contact to be a “victim?” I know they need folks to walk around like they’re in shock, cmon!

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