Decatur Wells Fargo Location Robbed?

Eye-witness accounts are beginning to come in.

An hour or so ago, Dave reported that he received a tip that the Wells Fargo location in downtown Decatur had been robbed around 1:30p this afternoon.  I sent a note into Decatur PD and while waiting on a reply I received this report from Clark…

I am guessing the Decatur Wells Fargo on East Ponce was robbed late this morning; 6 police cars with blue lights blinking parked curbside and branch closed “temporarily for an emergency” police and detectives inside the closed branch at noon, and yellow crime scene tape at one of the teller windows.

You may recall back in July, this branch – then a Wachovia – was the scene of a failed robbery attempt.   We’ll have to wait on official word to see if the crooks were successful this time.

7 thoughts on “Decatur Wells Fargo Location Robbed?”

  1. Must have just missed it. I was there just before 2:00 and it was indeed shut down. They had pulled the big metal gate down and I was told they were closed for a ‘Temporary Emergency” and that they hoped to be open again by the end of business today. Did not see any police presence while I was there.

  2. It was about 11:53 am, at least when the police arrived in full force. I know because I was stuck on Ponce, trying to turn right onto Church. I missed the light waiting on a cop to pass us. Also noticed at least 3 or 4 additional cop cars right in front on the branch. Almost caused me to be late for school pickup (hence why I remember the exact time!).

  3. The fact that it was around noon and not 1:30 explains the fact that I saw or heard no evidence of it as I was walking around downtown between 1:30 and 2.

  4. I was in the bank while the robbery occurred.. I am wondering why it has not been reported in the news.

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