Missing Pup Was Hit By Car, But “Doing Really Well”

Clara’s owner writes in…

…a DM reader found my dog in her tool shed in her back yard. So, thank you! Of all my efforts, contacting you is the one that paid off.

Clara was hit by a car. I took her to the vet, and they did x-rays. Her only injury was a dislocated hip. The vet popped it back in while she was under anesthesia, and she’s doing really well. I picked her up yesterday. Please thank your readers for their help. My son and I are very happy to have Clara home.

10 thoughts on “Missing Pup Was Hit By Car, But “Doing Really Well””

  1. I have to say Clara looks exactly as I pictured her in my brain when i read the initial post about her missing! Very cute. Glad she’s ok.

  2. I’m not even an animal person and I think this story is heartwarming! I know it’s trite, but “It takes a village…” comes to mind.

  3. Gads, what a sweetie– I think I’m in love! So very glad everything turned out well for this pup & her human mama.

  4. Such a cutie! Glad she’s now safe at home. Gotta love living in Decatur where your neighbors are neighborly 🙂

  5. yeah….great news. cute pup too. glad shes doing well. shame on the person for not stopping and taking care of her after she was hit.

  6. Thank you to the rescuers for being such great neighbors! So glad to hear Clara is warm and home tonight! She’s beautiful!

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