Next Round of Decatur Sidewalk Improvements Approved

At Monday’s Decatur City Commission meeting, the commission approved the next phase of ongoing sidewalk improvements around the city of Decatur.  $374,900 was awarded to Ohmshiv Construction for sidewalk destruction and installation around the city, along with related road and storm water system construction.

Although there’s a map on page 32 of the meeting materials, it’s hard to tell exactly which foot roads will be getting the love.  But luckily Assistant City Manager David Junger detailed the seven impacted areas during the meeting.  (Links will take you to the Google Streetview locations)

  1. North Decatur/Superior bus stop
  2. Stretch of east side Glendale Ave (from Glenlake Park to Forkner)
  3. Sycamore Drive (at Decatur Heights Church where the sidewalk ends)
  4. Commerce Drive/South Columbia – complete redesign of the intersection including traffic calming measures that will slow cars down thru the curve as well as provide better pedestrian crossing
  5. West Dougherty Street (from McDonough to Adams) – currently no sidewalk.  A popular Safe Route to School road.
  6. Kirk Road (Northside near the Seminary)
  7. Small gap on Mead Road

According to Mr. Junger, construction should begin in around 3 weeks and will be complete by late Spring 2011.

Google Streetview of Glendale Ave above.

2 thoughts on “Next Round of Decatur Sidewalk Improvements Approved”

  1. Very exciting.
    I hope that they also hit this curb across from where the school bus parking is on n. mcdonough. Every corner other than that from oakhurst to downtown has had ramps put in but this one has kept its cliff like curb intact and stands out for those of us wheeling strollers into town.

  2. Anyone know if Shadowmoor Dr. was considered for the Sidewalk Improvement Program? It’s the road that runs between Inman and Hilldale, and bounds the east side of Winnona Park Elementary (across the creek which runs behind the soccer fields). Given the amount of school walkers and the number of neighborhood kids, it needs a sidewalk. Winnona Park Stud may take matters into his own hands and slap one down this weekend.

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