German Bakery off Lawrenceville Highway Reopens

Back in January, AJC food writer John Kessler reported that the German Bakery just off Lawrenceville Highway by the Home Depot had closed it’s doors after 47 years in business thanks to something called “The Great Recession”.

Now Harriet reports the bakery has fought it’s way back into business, carrying all the breads and German favs you so fondly remember…

The German Bakery off Lawrenceville Hwy is now reopened. I just went by to check it out and am now enjoying a sandwich on their whole grain bread and some tasty pastries. The credit card machine won’t be working until next week so bring cash or check for now. They report they are carrying the old favorites, but will be adding new things, including soup and sandwiches in the future.

Their sign says they are open 7 days a week.

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  1. We all need to go and support this place! It’s great! Unfortunately, it’s in a location not well known to many who would probably otherwise be devotees.

    1. Thank You for opening the German Bakery !
      They are a Great Bakery! I am so glad to see the original employees back at work,as I am sure they are glad to be back. I am looking forward to a Boston creme cake & a coconut creme pie!
      Thank You thank You!
      Laurie Musslewhite

  2. Can someone give me directions to this place? Like directions for dummies? I have NEVER been able to find it.

  3. Google Maps makes it look like you just take Lawrenceville Hwy like going to Home Depot, but turn right on White Blvd – which is across from the DQ and right after the shopping center with the good Indian vegetarian place – is that accurate? I am going to test that route and see if it works….stay tuned NB – I tihnk some people are purposely not giving us directions for dummies…trying to protect their German Bakery from getting too popular.

    1. I see the same thing. Looks like if you turn right on White Blvd (before the Krystal) there is an Allstate office on the left, and then the German Bakery is the next building on the left.

      1. Yeah, that’s right. It’s on a side street between the shopping center with the Indian restaurant, alongside of Krystal, and just before the Home Depot. They have good King Cakes!

    2. That whole area is one big mess of shopping strips merging into other shopping strips so it’s very hard to explain. (Kind of like how Toco Hills is actually two shopping centers with seperate owners). I’m not sure even Google can help unless you are staring at your smartphone GIS locator and see where you supposedly are at the same time that you look around at your surroundings. I just turn on my driving intuition and wander around sort of the right-hand (south) back side of the area. Luckily I used to go there before children so those neurons were well-encoded before the brain death of pregnancy and motherhood.

      1. those brain cells didn’t die, they just got repurposed. Good German cake will help re-integrate them 😉

  4. Go to the Krystal Hamburger place on Lawrenceville Highway. Go past the Krystal and look for the buildings behind it.

  5. This place is sooooooooooooooooo good. One of the warm apple strudels on a chilly morning will keep you warm and fuzzy all day.

    The cakes are great too

  6. I’m thinking that as people return to the GB, perhaps we should all encourage them to put up SIGNAGE which can be seen from L’ville Hwy.!!!! Yes, I know where the bakery is, but only because I was told by someone long ago. Had I not been told, I would have never known. I realize there may be sign easement issues, and things of that nature, but I wonder if they’ve ever tried? This place was featured on one of those wedding cake shows a few years back, so I don’t think they are trying to keep themselves a secret! If it’s an issue of money (for a sign), I bet customers would be more than happy to chip in a buck or two, if it means the difference between staying open or closing again.

  7. This is a very good bakery. Great cinamon pastry, doughnuts and PIES! It is hard to find good pies, and ther’s are among the best.

  8. Thanks for all the kind remarks! I was an employee of the original owners, Richard and Anne Masemann. I also worked for Gary, the last owner. Now, I am a primary employee for the new owners.
    We missed the Bakery and everyone who were like family to us.
    There is a new owner and a new name: A German Cafe and Bakery. Same goodies and same bakers!
    As to the location, the bakery is on White Blvd. behind the Krystal off of Lawrenceville Hwy.
    The phone number is (404) 508 – 5900 and will be open 7 days a week.
    We welcome you to give us a call and let us satisfy your sweet tooth!
    And, thank you to Decatur Metro for bringing this to people’s attention.

    1. I am thrilled that you guys are back in business! How late are you open?

      One of my pet peeves in Atlanta is that no one sells a good peach pie. You can buy a pan of peach cobbler from mary mac’s but I cannot find a pie. Will you have these when they’re back in season? Please?!!

      1. YES, we do make peach pie, we are currently waiting on our 9” pie tins to come in. As to what time we are open, Mon.- Fri. 7am. to 7pm., Sat.7am.-6pm., Sun.1pm.-5pm. THANKS!

  9. I stopped in this morning to get some treats and they had a DecaturMetro shout out by the register. Good people.

  10. Thank you DM readers for the heads up about the German Bakery…just went and picked up way too many cookies. Can’t wait to go back and try more things. For those of you that are regulars, what’s your favorite thing their?

  11. Seriously, I’m so excited the bakery is back open and to see that my favorite employee (the sassy one with the tattoos) is still there! She rocks!!

  12. ROCK ON! I love this bakery, and was a HAPPY FAT GIRL when it reopened. Food was good, can’t wait for the soups and sammiches to come online, and the short little tattooed chick, she was SUPER NICE!

    Hit this place up guys, it’s good stuffs!


  13. Thanks so much to everyone coming back to the bakery and for all the kind words! We are so happy to be back in business and seeing all of our regular customers. We hope to find new regulars as well!

  14. We just drove by and were thrilled to see that they had reopened. Try the cherry custard puff pastry thingie. It is to die for! They also have the best German Chocolate Cake I have ever tasted!

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