Wuxtry Named Top 25 Record Store in Country by Rolling Stone

Wow.  A big shout out for just-north-of-Decatur’s (JNOD!) Wuxtry Records!  From Rolling Stone’s “The Best Record Stores in the USA: The top 25 spots for unique vinyl and CDs, from San Francisco to Boston”

Wuxtry Records

Decatur, GA – Athens, GA

Famous as much for its former employees — Peter Buck of R.E.M. and Danger Mouse have both manned the counters of the Athens shop — Wuxtry is a Georgia stalwart that continues to win new fans that don’t even care about its history. (Well, maybe a little.) Nevertheless, the store’s deep commitment to rock new and old — listening to and debating it alike — has sparked a deep bond with the place shared by regulars and visitors alike. As a bonus, the Athens location features a terrific comics shop upstairs.

Photo courtesy of Wuxtry’s MySpace page

Thanks to Scott Drake for the link!

9 thoughts on “Wuxtry Named Top 25 Record Store in Country by Rolling Stone”

  1. Peter Buck actually “manned the counters” of the Decatur location before he moved to Athens. I think he was also Tinsley Ellis’ roommate at either Emory or Emory at Oxford briefly. How about having those two guys on your dorm floor wailing?

  2. OK, I’m going to thread-jack a bit, but I figure this is probably as good a place as any to ask this particular question:

    Say someone wanted to purchase a decent, inexpensive compact record player. Where would you do so and what models would you recommend?

    1. Turntablelab.com has a good selection

      Urban Outfitters should have at least a few

      Plus lots of used ones at various Pawn shops around town

    2. I like my Numark portable record player. It can’t get super loud but I liked the $70 price tag. Can even run on batteries.

  3. Wuxtry was the pinnacle of all things cool in my high school mind. Hard to believe it has lasted all these years! Great recognition for them.

    Peter Buck also worked at Doo-Dah Records in Emory Village. I think they were originally in the strip that burned down (current Everybody’s parking lot), then re-opened in a little space adjacent to the former Hortons.

  4. ok but i have always hated their system of taking cds out of boxes and just putting basically the booklets on the shelves in little vinyl jackets

    the problem is, the things are so densely packed that one person can block access to about 10% of the whole store’s inventory

    quirky and yet so annoying


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