Red Mango Frozen Yogurt Opening on North Decatur Road

Tomorrow’s News Today reports that Red Mango Frozen Yogurt is opening in the North Decatur @ Clairmont Road strip mall with Eagle Eye Bookstore and Willy’s.  Opening is projected for two months from now.

TNT’s summary of the area’s frozen yogurt price wars is particularly interesting…

In terms of weight, the local standard had been 39 cents per ounce but that has varied somewhat of late. Months ago, with no competition in the immediate area, Sprout’s saw an opportunity and priced their product at 56 cents per ounce. With Yogli Mogli now a stone’s throw away, they knocked their price down to match Yogli Mogli at 39 cents. In Decatur, The Yogurt Tap opened at and has remained at 39 cents, but Menchie’s over at Toco Hills is charging 44 cents per ounce. Red Mango Dunwoody is charging 45 cents, which figures to be the price for the new North Decatur location as well.

12 thoughts on “Red Mango Frozen Yogurt Opening on North Decatur Road”

  1. I would like a little gelato and homemade ice cream, with real fudge sauce, to balance all the frozen yogurt and shaved ice places around.

    1. No crap. Apologies to those who love their frozen yogurt, but all it does is remind me of TCBY, wich is where our little league coach threatened to take us if we lost and didn’t deserve to go to Dairy Queen or Carvel. And ice? I have that in my fridge.

      Yet if want a real treat of some good gelato, I’ve got to drive to Virginia-Highland.

      1. TCBY is way better than Dairy Queen and Carvel, but I can see why a kid would prefer Dairy Queen. You can’t get a Suicide Mr. Misty at TCBY.

  2. I look forward to trying this one – here’s hoping it’s decent. Tried Menchie’s yesterday and I nearly had to drive to Yogurt Tap to cleanse my palate. Our local options are so much better than these just add water franchises.

  3. That strip mall is among the worst ever created. I’ll never visit Red Mango over Yogurt Tap, no matter how good the yogurt might be.

    And not to thread jack, but can we have a public call for some basic manners at Yogurt Tap? People seem to feel free to cut in line at both the taps and the toppings bar. Just this weekend two 20-somethings literally jumped in from of my 5 and 6 year old while we were waiting to check out. It took a huge amount of self-control to not start a serious confontation. The line jumping gets particularly bad with folks who deem it their god-given right to taste each and every flavor before actually making a selection. As if the taste of strawberry v. chocoloate is some sort of mystery. That said — go ahead and taste all you want, but for the love of God, just wait in line to do it.

    OK, rant over.

    1. Tap question, I’m glad you brought that up, I wait for kids, but not patiently on adults.

      If I have my cup, and 2 people ahead of me are trying samples of everything, what is the polite protocal there?

      I stopped getting anything at YDFM salad bar because no one looks at anything before they get in line. The line backs up, and it’s frustrating. Just take the 2 seconds and glance before you get in line. 2 people ahead of me one day literally put food back on the bar once they saw everything on it. I went around them because I just wanted a samosa and the look I got was unbelievable. I almost forgot we are all children of God that day. Grrrrr, done

      1. I even wait on the “adults” though not so patiently. I use the quotes because if you need to “taste” every flavor before investing all of $3.00 in a cup of yogurt, not sure you qualify as an adult.

    2. Re: Yogurt Tap. Along the same lines of basic manners: can we get some bigger, clearer signage that everyone PLEASE use the hand sanitizer that is provided near the cup dispensers?! I and my friends ALWAYS seem to be the only people who use proper sanitation at Yogurt Tap. And that even included the staff one time: young lady at cash register ringing me up sneezed into both of her hands and then handed me my receipt!! Just nasty. If you have to sneeze, sneeze into your elbow, not your hands! Also, I love kids…I do, but those of you with little ones you really need to keep an eye on them at the toppings bar. I’ve basically seen kids playing and experimenting at the bar….where are the parents (and staff for that matter)? And no, the kids hands have not been sanitized either. Plus the sneeze guard over the toppings does not come down far enough (cover adequately). Basic sanitation/food safety people! I love Yogurt Tap…but these are some things that need to be put in check PRONTO.

      1. Would someone please explain to me WHY I need to use hand sanitizer? I grab MY cup– never touching anything of yours. Thousand of hands have used the dispenser handles before me. Ditto for the door knob!

        So? I’m not eating with my hands. I’m not putting my hands into the chocolate chips– just on the spoon like (again) all those thousands before me.

        We live in a world with other people, “dirt” and animals and alot of potentially scary while wonderful stuff–not a clean room. There are good germs (lots!) and bad ones. And I’m pretty sure that a squirt of hand sanitizer isn’t going to have much impact on the ones that you really need to worry about. The marketing people at P&G sure do want you to believe that, though!

        Love Yogurt tap, BTW– better than any of those franchise places.

    1. Them there’s fightin’ words, Gigi!

      But if I really wanted to create some reaction, I would have just said that I can’t wait until Dollar General starts selling discount frozen dairy products.

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