Kid Rock Strolling the Streets of Decatur

Parker Cross writes in…

Here’s an EOTS [Eye on the Street] that requires some imagination because I’m not quick enough to be a paparazzo. I saw Kid Rock at the Blue Sky Concert today. He was not actually attending the concert, I believe he was on his way for an appearance at Court, as a defendant. He and his entourage were on the pedestrian only part of Sycamore, heading toward N. McDonough.

Testimony continues today in the Kid Rock/Waffle House assault trial taking place at our glorious DeKalb County Courthouse.

21 thoughts on “Kid Rock Strolling the Streets of Decatur”

  1. Oh man! I was there but didn’t see him. I’m not really a fan, but celebrity-sightings are always fun. 🙂

  2. You know, without the entourage, I bet he really wouldn’t be recognized. He’s pretty nondescript-looking when he chooses to be.

      1. Heh! Not in any kind of way that would entail him and me gettin’ more than an arm’s length from each other…

    1. Now THAT’s a reputation tarnisher! Creed???

      There’s something I dig about him, although he does need to stick to the “one slug per smart @$$ remark” rule when dining at the Waffle House. Loved the country duet he did with Sheryl Crow. It’s also pretty cool (if it’s true) that the reason his marriage to Pam Anderson failed was because he’s a “stay at home with the kids” kind of guy!

    2. Wait a minute– what? He made a $ex tape with someone from Creed??? You mean “with”, or “WITH with”??? How is it I never hear these things?!?!?

      1. Apparently, groupies on the tour bus were doing things to them in tandem and it was caught on tape. Apparently, Scott Stapp is a distant relative of Bill Clinton’s ’cause he swears that doesn’t count as sex.

        My brain needs a cleansing.

  3. Saw him myself out side RB; he even granted a picture! His “entourage” consisted of exactly one man who was kind enough to use my very out of date camera phone to snap the shot. Not a true fan of his work myself (though I did enjoy his part in Joe DIrt!), but he was very gracious and soft spoken, and was VERY concerned about making it back to court within the allotted lunch hour!

    1. And within 2-3 hours, this information is on the web for all to see. I’m trying to decide whether news spreads faster and wider now compared to the world before blogs and listservs or just differently.

      I’m thinking of where I grew up which was a very different place but a community of similar size and gossipiness to Decatur, maybe slightly more suburban, not an incorporated city, and not as urban. Anyway, the way word of a celebrity eating locally would have spread around town then would have been by the mostly stay-at-home mothers phoning one another madly. I actually think the speed of the word getting out would have been quicker because those ladies could dial fast and wide. It’s hard to ignore a ringing phone compared to avoiding to check a blog or email. And those ladies were at home, not carpooling–they waited for the kids to walk or take the bus home. But the spread would have been spottier back then–the social network would have missed working dads and work-out-of-the-home moms. A secondary wave of spread would have occurred the next day when all the kids and teens went back to school and shared what their moms told them about the celebrity event.

  4. Chira: I totally second Eddy Grant’s “Electric Avenue” for Decatur Housing Authority. I make it a point to sing it when travelling down said street.

  5. When I first looked for housing in Decatur, I got a tingle when I saw that street sign. It cheers me up every time I walk by it, and I still love EG’s music. All of it.

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