Paste Magazine Folds Print Edition

UPDATE II: According to AP, Paste’s Print Edition is dead.  The website and online components will live on.

UPDATE:  Damn, Wikipedia is already referring to it in the past tense.

Aw hell.  From Gawker

We heard earlier today that Paste Magazine was in imminent danger of folding. Looks like it’s already happened.

A tipster tells us “They announced it internally yesterday in an afternoon meeting, giving employees approx… 2 hours notice.” Rough. A few (former) Paste editors took to Twitter:

I saw Rachel Maddux’s Tweet about needing work last night, but never followed up.  This is a sad flippin’ day.

10 thoughts on “Paste Magazine Folds Print Edition”

  1. So who then is doing all the tweets – as – usual? I count 16 today so far. And the website still up and apparently being updated. There must be more to this story.

    1. Glad the ‘zine continues in some form; Paste was looking for an editorial intern as recently as August 27.

  2. What a bummer. I thought the magazine was getting really thin lately but I did keep a digital subscription for access to the music CDs.
    I just signed up for a few contests yesterday, I hope they still draw names for the prizes.
    Now I am back to Pitchfork and other websites to find out what is new and interesting.

  3. I’ve had a Paste subscription for several years now and I’ll admit that I’m not as big of a fan as I was before they made their big change in the print editions and cut down on the music content.

    But, this still sucks. I always enjoyed getting my Paste in the mail.

  4. Fantastic people over at Paste. Sending some love their way. Hope they can turn a corner in web or perhaps some other digital format (ipad?) in the future…

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