Chicken Whisperer Giving Away 1,000 Chicks at Decatur Farmers Market Next Saturday

From the Decatur Farmer’s Market website

The Chicken Whisperer is coming to Decatur Farmers Market on Aug 28th, from 9 – 1pm with 1,000 chicks to give away! The event is free to the public but donations are suggested for the chicks. All donations will go to East Atlanta Kids Club.

Decatur School Families in Need of Furniture

Amanda forwards this note from the Decatur Education Foundation’s Gail Rothman via the Winonna Park Message Board…

I work closely with the social workers at City Schools of Decatur who work with [those] who are temporarily displaced and/or homeless. They recently let me know that there is a family moving into an apartment that is in need of some basic furnishings. If you are looking to clean out your attic or pass on some no longer used items they are needing:

  • a bed
  • dressers
  • area rug
  • lamps

other items to furnish a small apartment. If you can help, please contact Melinda Morgan – [email protected] or 404-370-4400 x. 947.

First Sketches of Beltline’s Eastside Bike Trail

Courtesy of the great locomotive chaser Thomas Wheatley…

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen such nicely manicured rail lawns before.  In fact, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a rail lawn before!

A bit of general verbal description from the same Mr. Wheatley…

Project officials last Thursday night told CL that the path won’t simply be a sloppy concrete snake tossed down willy nilly. It will feature phased-in plantings and landscaping. Space for the arboretum and a future light-rail or streetcar transit system will be preserved. Access for pedestrians and the disabled, including ramps, will be placed along the segment.

He also has a bunch more pics – of varying quality – over in his Fresh Loaf post.   Beltline officials tell Thomas there will be three or four public meetings to discuss the bike trail’s design in September.

Friends School To Host Community Event on Local Food

Nancy sends along this press release from the Friends School of Atlanta

On Thursday, September 23, The Friends School of Atlanta (FSA) will hold an event called Food
Fundamentals for Healthy Kids and Communities that takes an interdisciplinary look at the food we eat and at
the Farm to Table movement that is growing in momentum in Atlanta and around the country. To be held on
the campus at 862 Columbia Drive in Decatur, the event kicks off a year-long speaker series to commemorate
FSA’s 20th Anniversary. The event is free and open to the public.

Beginning at 6:00 pm, FSA will screen a film called What’s on Your Plate?, a witty and provocative
documentary about kids and food politics that follows two inquisitive 11-year-old girls in New York City as
they explore their place in the food chain. FSA is grateful to State Representative Stephanie Stuckey Benfield
(District 85) for sponsoring this highly popular film at the school. Rep. Benfield is also the sponsor of a bill in
the state legislature to provide for a Farm to School program to encourage and solicit county and independent
school districts to purchase Georgia-grown farm products.

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The McMansion Age Ends

Good news for the average Decatur home owner.

More similar Trulia “infographics” HERE!

h/t: CNBC: Death of the McMansion

Sierra Club’s Greenest Colleges Ranker is Sorta Lacking

I was sort of intrigued when I stumbled across the Sierra Club’s 2010 “Cool Schools” ranker yesterday, which uses a detailed questionnaire filled out by undergrad colleges to determine how “green” they are – asking questions about energy use, efficiency, food, transport, waste, etc. – and then ranks them.

Cool idea!

But of course, I can’t look at anything without a critical eye anymore thanks to all you smartypantses out there, so here’s where I see this trendy green ranker coming up quite short.

While I applaud the decision to make “energy supply” the heaviest weighted category – which is really what prevented Emory University from ranking higher than #42 (50% coal/50% natural gas) – key questions about urban form are COMPLETELY omitted.

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Free-For-All Friday 8/20/10

Feel free to use this post to make comments and ask questions about local topics not dicussed here over the past week.

Comments close on Monday.