Free-For-All Friday 8/6/10

Use this post to make comments and ask questions about local issues not discussed here in the past week.  Comments close Monday.


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100 thoughts on “Free-For-All Friday 8/6/10”

  1. I am in desperate need of an electronics recycling day soon – moving next week and we have 3 old computers in our attic that I refuse to let the hubs move from one attic to the next… I out of luck, or is there a day coming up or a place I can take these super old machines and they will recylce them?

      1. Thanks – just checked and it is the 3rd Sat of every month. Loading up the computers and will be heading over in a few Saturdays.

    1. Not to be a busybody, but make sure you clear out your hard drives….the hubs picked up a comp. at one of these (they said it was ok) to reuse and found some info on one of the hard drives that really shouldn’t have been just left around like that. We’re good people and deleted it but…I’m just sayin’.

    2. Anybody got suggestions on a place that has good prices on beer? Looking to purchase mass quantities … 🙂 Thanks!

      1. As an add on to the question, where is the best or most convenient place to buy liquor near Decatur?

  2. This came up a bit ago, but does anyone have anything horrible to say about Clear? I went into their office yesterday and unless I hear a major rant about it, will probably wind up getting it today. They claim to be 4 times faster than DSL.

    Our AT&T DSL issues have pretty much driven me to the point of insanity (4 modems, tech agents, and 5 hours on the phone) and Comcast is about 20 bucks more than what we’re paying now.

    1. We tried Clear, but it did not work very well at our location – we are near Renfroe, pretty high ground for Decatur. They will let you try it out for a week to see if it works, you may want to pursue that, but be warned that they are serious about the one-week trial. After that you are on the hook for the contract.

      We are having horrible issues lately with Bellsouth DSL too. Anyone else? We are to the point of even considering Comcast (*shudder*). I’d rather bring al Qaida into my home than Comcast, but it’s getting ridiculous.

      1. I hesitate to say this, lest it bring bad luck, but Comcast seems better lately, both the Broadband and cable service. (Knocking on head, desk, window sill, any other wood I can find).

        1. I’ve used comcast for internet for about 5 yrs and haven’t had too many outages/problems until the past 6 months. However, ATT is installing uverse in my area. Soon as my street goes green for that I’m kicking comcast out!

          1. My Uverse acts up- shows don’t record, TV goes out for no reason. Just be warned. But I am getting too good a package deal – $300/per for 2 phones including iPhone, any channel you can think of, home phone w/ cheap international and unlimited long distance and the second fastest internet. I least I think that’s good!

    2. we also had similar problems with ATT DSL, numerous modems, etc. switched to their fiber-optic service aka U-Verse. Internet connection is now both reliable and fast. fiber optic seems the only way to go with ATT

      1. Took your advice and called AT&T about U-Verse. I’m not so much annoyed by the $150 upgrade fee as I am that the first time they are able to come and set it up is Sep. 6. A month away! They said to call back next week to see if anything opens up.

        My internet is major unstable and we’re getting nowhere near the speed we’re paying for. Grrrr… I may just ditch AT&T

        1. We dropped AT&T for Decatur WiFi. Throughput up to 4 Mbits for $15 per month, but you’ll need their $75 access point to bridge all computers in your house. Bonus: works all around downtown Decatur (at same Mbps speeds, not the poky free 128kbps).

          1. Uverse internet has been great for me..television less so. Extra charge for HD, expensive ondemand, dvr hiccups. Still, I had more issues with Comcast, the worst being frequent internet outages.

  3. Shout out to City of Decatur crossing guards. Glad to see you back !

    These guards are the best. They do a great job plus they are always smiling and waving. Thanks !

    1. I, too, love the crossing guards. Be careful about driving and waving at the same time, though. Be sure you’re watching traffic and not just waving. My son got hit by a distracted driver on his way to school. He’s fine, driver apologized. But let’s all drive carefully. Anyone walking around cars should know that you NEVER cross in front of a vehicle unless you first make eye contact with the driver. EVEN if you have the right of way. Again, my son is FINE.

      1. I see the guards during my morning exercise walk. I appreciate your concern but I am walking and waving not driving. Glad your son is OK.

    2. Crossing guard and policewoman at the corner of Scott and Glenlake pool this week, not only assisting pedestrians/students but also helping slow down the car traffic. Awesome!

    1. I was just wondering about Hairwerks myself last night – I noticed graffiti on the front of the building and it caught my eye because I vaguely remember reading somewhere that you can report graffiti to the city and it has to be removed 24 hours after that (is that right?). Then, I looked in the window and saw that everything was empty!!!

  4. We all know it already, but let me say for the record how awesome the Brick Store Pub is.

    My daughter wanted to go to the pub for her birthday, but was disappointed they didn’t have a grilled cheese sandwich on the menu. The waitress overheard her lament and said, “Let me see what we can do.” She came back with the best grilled cheese sandwich ever, apple slices and a cold glass of milk. The kid LOVED it.

    I didn’t need a reason to go to the Brick Store. We’re there at least once a week. I just love them even more now.

  5. just feeling great about my boxer selection today: white, with a button on the waistband. gonna go out and make something of myself today.

    1. Sounds classy, RJ. I’ve opted for my Krispy Kremes today. It’s amazing how the proper undergarments can affect your outlook, yes?

    2. I’m feeling amazing as I’ve opted for ones with the 1UP mushrooms from the old mario brothers game on them. My day is going great.

  6. Why hasn’t Andisheh fixed all the problems yet? I’m getting impatient.

  7. what’s the deal with the construction on commerce across from the decatur high school football fields? i know it’s a mixed use/income development. but, what i really want to know is why they cut out the lane there from the street? not only did they use one lane, but it actually cuts over a bit into the only remaining lane in that direction. i drive past every day & have had multiple cars almost hit me as they crossed the line to avoid the new sidewalk (??) construction & cones in the way.

    1. That right lane has never had a formal merge so it’s always kind of operated with a row of parked cars suddenly appearing in the lane as you’re traveling towards Howard. I’m thinking they were just looking to better define the merge that’s always happened more abruptly.

      As for the second lane, I’m pretty sure Decatur’s downtown lane widths now are a little narrower than they were when Commerce was built, so it’s probably just reflecting the current standard. It’ll probably ease up once the construction confusion is over.

    2. mixed use as in retail/res? I thought they just tore down part of the projects and were rebuilding them?

      1. That’s right. There may be a minor amount of commercial at some future stage of the project but on the buildings they’re doing right now, it’s residential only.

        1. Does anyone have any details on the commercial sections of the property? i.e. the sizes/ what the county is expecting to go in there? are they expecting retail as in the square/on ponce or is it going to be like a bodega or something?

          1. There is no commercial section or, as I’m aware, even specific plans. Only that, because it’s downtown, there may at some point in the future be a suggestion by the city to include some small amount of neighborhood serving commercial because mixed use is encouraged downtown. If it materialized, I would imagine it would be around the corner of Trinity and Commerce, but that’s just me. As I said, there is no current plan including specific commercial that I’m aware of.

            1. I was going to summarize the Allen Wilson plan, but just found this newish handy-dandy summary on the Housing Authority’s website

              “In 3 phases the Authority will move residents on-site with approximately 40 residents having the option to relocate using section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers with the ability to return when Phase 3 is complete. The Authority, has worked with others, to assist these residents to maximize their opportunity to remain in Decatur. The 3 phases will start over approximately a 6 year period with the first phase being 40 new units. As units are completed existing residents will move into them, allowing their old units to be demolished to make way for the next phase.

              When we are done at least, 288 public housing units will exist. The units will be grouped in 3 story buildings and the elderly will have their own approximately 80 unit, 4 story building with the Authority’s on-site management and maintenance operations in it. There will be a central green space, on-site parking and the complex will be designed to blend with Decatur’s downtown concept. Earth craft standards for both the buildings and the community are being incorporated into the design and construction.

              Unfortunately, there is no “pot of gold at the end of the rainbow” or at HUD. Therefore, the Authority is aggressively combining various sources and types of funding to make this plan a reality. An important part of that is the use of approximately one-third of the site, the north end, for a potential condo development of approximately 150 units, some of which would be life cycle units. The proceeds from the sale of this land will help fund the building of the new public housing units.

              The plan is complex, has lots of moving parts, and requires a lot of work in each phase to bring it to fruitition. The Authority has received the support of its residents (the seniors are real excited about getting their own building), the City, and from a lot of Decatur citizens. We are gratified by the support for this important neighborhood in Decatur and will continue to work to answer any questions that arise. We plan to have Allen Wilson become an even more important and vibrant part of the great City of Decatur!”

    1. There’s one that delivers to Oakhurst Community Garden. They have some info on their website, although to be honest, I’ve had a hard time communicating with the point person.

    2. I like using Moore Farm and Friends. I order on the weeks I want a box and pick the box up at Cook’s Warehouse.

      1. Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. I just checked out the Moore Farms website and I love the fact that you can order week by week.
        Occi-do you know how many fruits/vegetables come in the $20 box?

    3. I second Moore Family Farms… we enjoy the flexibility of ordering when you want and not getting stuff every week.

    4. TaylOrganics:

      Different size weekly boxes, different size weeks to order, 8-10 veggies and fruits per week. Also offers fruit shares only, local eggs, local grass-fed beef. LOVE them, and the drop point is Ridgecrest, just west of the East Lake MARTA station.

    5. We roll with Moore Farms. Good Deal. Good Folks. Good food. If there’s a problem they always make it right.

  8. Not to restart the sign/blue faux marble tile discussions again ; -) but has anyone heard anything about progress on the Decatur Diner?

        1. 🙁
          I sorry! If it helps, I was a little disappointed by the trip– they didn’t have my favorite (pineapple)…

          1. I wish they would permanently have peanut butter and either chocolate or dark chocolate.
            That plus all the oreos/chocolate candies i can fit in the cup and i’ll be set!

            1. You liked the peanut butter? I thought it was a little strange; maybe not peanutty enough? How did you mix it? I usually like all the tangy berry ones and the original.

    1. I’ve been wondering that too. Drive by every morning on the way to work and they have all the lights on but nobody is inside. The rent has got to be high expense for an unopened business.

  9. The Just for the Summer Singers will present a concert ” Roots of Southern folk Music, African and Celtic Traditions” on Sunday, August 8 at 3:00 p.m. at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church 435 Peachtree St. NE., Atl 30308. The concert will be repeated here in Decatur at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church 515 East Ponce de Leon Ave., Decatur 30030 at 3:00 p.m. Adults $10, Students $5, Children under 13 free. For further information go to www. or call (404) 875-3266. This is a don’t miss event for those who enjoy fine choral singing.

  10. Feeling thankful for — my wife and I have been condo shopping in Decatur and doing a general assessment of the city, weighing a move there from our current Midtown Atlanta home.

    Reading the posts and comments on this site has been an awesome tool for getting a feel for community concerns in Decatur. Many online forums and blogs for cities often display the worst side of locals with their constant gripes and belligerent comments. Not so, here. This is a well-run site that shows Decatur and its residents in a positive light while still allowing much room for constructive criticism.

    1. Yeah Decatur Metro! You can’t please all of us all the time but you keep this forum informative and civil enough that many, many folks read it regularly, more than you see posting. It seems like everywhere I go, I hear “I saw on Decatur Metro that XXX is happening…..” The postings about events, restaurants and local businesses, and breaking news are well worth it even if no controversial threads were posted.

    2. Hi Darin, my husband and I live in The Decatur Townhomes on Adair Street. Very, very quiet, I think there may be a few for sale right now. Our board has little issues here and there but nothing crazy. We even have huge attics, a rarity in condos. We have a pool, too. Have lived here for almost 8 years and I am friends with a lot of my neighbors, really great group of people living here. All in all, if you gotta go condo, please check us out. We get to park in front of our unit, mailbox is next to the front door, and trash does not have to be driven to some distant dumpster! But please be aware of DC taxes, they are very high.
      Whatever you end up doing, you will love living in Decatur!

      1. Howdy! I live up the street on Adair. Wish I could add you to our neighborhood association’s list serve. But there’s no way to send people messages here. DM, you ever going to make it possible for us posters to talk privately amongst ourselves?

        1. Hi DM, you are welcome to share my email address with Diane so she can add me to the list serve. Thanks!

            1. Hi Nelliebelle, it is 307 Adair Street. We have 2B/2.5b and 3B/2.5 b. units. The complex looks a little old fashioned but is very well kept.

  11. You now how, on Trinity Place, there are two white lines in the road in front of the fire station and a sign that says not to stop between those two lines? Why am I the only one who tries not to stop there?

    Also, I am so over the assholes who get in the turn lane going north on Candler at College and then get in the go-straight line at the last minute, bypassing a line of people who had been waiting.

    1. Oh, and that’s not the only place they do that. Seems like folks think nothing of cutting in a line of traffic. I don’t even know if that’s illegal or not, since you could always claim you didn’t realize that the lanes merged.

    2. I’m with you on both counts. I’ve had people flip me off & honk for stopping at those white lines.

      1. I have almost been hit twice–you know, the long screech of tires as you brace for impact. . . .
        I don’t know how to avoid it though.

  12. Didn’t someone bring up neighborhood markets recently?
    Besides Candler Park Market, and the Mercantile on dekalb, what are other ones close to downtown decatur?

  13. Just heard a rumor they are starting construction on the dreaded Emory roundabout in 9 days. 5 days before new students arrive for Orientation. Any confirmations of this rumor???

  14. We finally had a chance to try Farmstead 303 this week! We really enjoyed it. My veggie plate was fresh and modern, but still recognizably “Southern”. The kid got the kids’ menu chicken fingers, which were homemade, and hands down the best chicken fingers I’ve ever had (even worth ordering if you’re an adult!). Our out-of-town guests totally cleaned their plates. Our fried okra appetizer was somewhat over-salted for my taste, but the pepper jelly sauce more than made up for it. Friendly service, too.

    My only beef – I still haven’t figured out what the “303” is supposed to mean.

  15. Hey…if anyone is interested the chef for Taqueria del Sol’s catering business, Sol Catering, is hosting a cooking class at The Cook’s Warehouse in Decatur on Monday, Aug. 9 from 7-9 p.m. The menu will be all about green chilies. Class cost $55 for demonstration and tasting, and 100% of the proceeds benefits Atlanta’s Table, a project of the Atlanta Community Food Bank. For more info or to register, visit, or call 404-892-FEED, ext. 1444.

    Class menu includes New Mexico Chile Rellenos, Green Chile Cheeseburger Sliders, Green Chile Enchiladas and South Meets Southwest Brisket. The evening also includes wine tastings sponsored by Sherlock’s Wine Merchant and a chance to win fabulous door prizes provided by Atlanta Beverage, Bella Cucina Artful Foods, and Cabot Cheese.

  16. I have to share a new, local business that I’ve recently found that has transformed my household! Ashli McMahon, a former CSD teacher, has created a business, Plan to Plate – where weekly menus are individually created for your family, recipes are written specifically for you (in my case very specific, step by step instructions), an emphasis is placed on using fresh ingredients in multiple ways and if you like, Ashli will even shop for you! All of this is done at a very reasonable price! (remember webvan???)

    I am excited about this new business for many reasons. I am saving money because the meals are well planned and nothing is wasted, I am saving time (shopping and planning), I am actually becoming more accomplished in the kitchen, and Ashli’s recipes are PHENOMENAL! Most of all – I am beginning to love to cook.

  17. Any recs on a new washer and dryer brand and model? I have worn mine out. I want to spend less than $1,300 for the set…

    1. nellie-check out the sears outlet. if you don’t mind a couple of scratches on your washer/dryer, you can get a great deal.

    2. I bought a budget priced washer recently. After comparison shopping the Big Box stores to get model numbers & prices, I picked it using the Consumer Report reviews (Feb issue.) I was able to further reduce the cost by taking advantage of Lowe’s “Competitor’s Match + An Additional 10% Off.” (Details on their website.) Very happy with final price + the savings paid for the full extended warranty. Good next day delivery experience. Pleased with whole transaction!

    3. NB – we bought our new washer and dryer from the Sears outlet last weekend. Maytag Bravos MVWB750W[Q] and the coordinating dryer. I wanted a top loader. We had to get the washer at the outlet in Marietta, and then race over to the Tucker outlet to make sure they still had the dryer (they won’t hold for you). You can also search their outlet online before going on the adventure. Our maching has 1 little scratch (I can’t seem to find it anymore) wihch did not bother me. We spent just about what you are budgeting. Good luck!

    1. That is too bad although I’m not surprised. When I was there, there never was anyone else shopping. But I never hit any of their events when maybe things were busy. I just loved the selection and service at SCB. But I guess others were going to Michael’s or Target for their supplies. Sometimes I wonder if any retail business models work these days besides the big box stores. So many fine small retail stores couldn’t make it in Decatur after the recession–e.g. Hoopla, Taste, Anna’s Wardrobe, Whit’s End, the first knitting store on West Ponce, Two Stix, Wordsworth (or was it Wordsmith), and many more I can’t think of now. I know that it’s survival of the fittest but I don’t like shopping at the fittest.

  18. Any one at Eddie’s Attic tonight for Mike Kileen and Nathan Beaver? We had a great time and were moved to remember how lucky we are to have this superb music venue in our town.

  19. The fried okra at Cakes and Ale tonight ALMOST made up for the fact that they’ve taken the burger off of the menu. Almost.

  20. Is there a book drop donation box in Decatur? I viciously cleaned out my bookcases and I have a trunk full of books to donate.

    1. Take books to Friends of Decatur Library. Their storage room is downstairs next to the theater – if you ask at the check-out desk they’ll have someone meet you at the garage level entrance and show you where to leave them.

  21. From Stephanie at Iyengar Yoga…

    Thanks to the many readers who expressed interest in Iyengar Yoga Decatur. Briana Lampert is the winner of our complimentary Introduction to Yoga series, which begins Sunday, August 22 and runs for five Sundays, 3-4:15pm. Details at

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