Largest On-Campus Starbucks in Nation Opens at Emory

Erica reports on Twitter that the massive Starbucks, which is part of Emory’s new Barnes & Noble bookstore that sits along Oxford Road at the edge of Emory Village has opened to the public.  She also provides the pic above.  (used with permission)

WhiskAwayNic notes it’s the largest campus Starbucks in the country.

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  1. Is that Oxford Road we see out there? I don’t recognize that view. I’ve been on Oxford fairly recently and don’t remember seeing this but I must have been oblivious. Does this new Starbucks replace the older one right in Emory Village in the same strip with Rising Whatchmacallit, the pottery place, the burger place, etc.?

    1. It is Oxford. If you didn’t see this huge, new building recently, I don’t know what to tell you! 🙂

      As for it replacing the existing Starbucks in Emory Village, I assume so, but don’t know for sure.

        1. Wait a minute…you’re saying that I will be able to walk out of the largest starbucks on any college campus in America, cross the street, and enter another Starbucks?! Yes! Now if only they would build a Starbucks tunnel so I never have to leave the store at all!

  2. I think it might be a strip next to Falafel King, which roughly is accross the street from the Starbucks/Everybody’s/Pottery strip. Used to have a Kinko’s way back when. Having a B & N that close by is sweet! Wonder if Starbucks is having any “free” promotions today?

  3. FYI: The Starbucks opened on July 6. The B&N opens tomorrow (July 21)–if you can believe the banners on the windows.

    The dude at the N. Decatur Rd. Starbucks said they will remain open too, as they work different hours and serve a different audience.

      1. I can only speculate: there’s a parking deck built out of sight (behind the building and a couple levels underground) and I’m guessing it will follow the usual “free after 5pm” that the other campus decks follow? Maybe free parking with proof of purchase (or proof of visiting the admissions office, which is also in that building), and $-per-hour visitor spots otherwise?

        1. I’ve heard that you’ll get several hours (not sure how much time) of complimentary parking in the parking deck when you visit the Starbucks mothership…

  4. Ok I will always remember it as “The Hill” and eating a sandwich at the long gone sandwich shop…Yes and I remember buying candy at Horton’s. Things have certainly changed! I drove by the new Starbuck’s and it looks amazingly modern. Can’t wait to have a latte there soon.

    1. I would suggest waiting a bit to go. I went last week where about a dozen employees were clustered behind the espresso bar, obviously still in training. The supervisors were over them like hawks, which just made things uncomfortable. Then after I finally got my overpriced drink, I see that not only do they not have their own wi-fi figured out, but they’re also a black hole in the Emory wireless network.

      Very nice, airy design, but give the place some time before visiting.

    2. Definitely the “Hill”, but techically that was across the street from the Dugout (yet almost as popular:)

    3. Yes, The Hill. By the time I was a senior (2003), foot traffic had worn two paths from the back of the Boisfeuillet to the bottom of the hill (just across from where the bookstore used to be/the side-back of Doc Cheys).

    4. The sandwich shop was “Hero’s” and their corned beef on rye was delish. Anyone remember “the nest” on “the hill” made of pine straw? A great make out spot in the mid 80’s–so I heard.

  5. Is it too difficult to post a street address? I live near Emory university and don’t have a clue where this Starbucks is from the postings so far.

  6. I have it from a knowledgeable source that parking is free for 15 minutes; $2/hour afterwards in the deck.

  7. I don’t believe this is an actual Starbucks but instead one operated by another entity (like the one on 5th St or grocery store, hospital, or airport locations) that licenses the brand and other aspects. That’s the reason it’s so close to GA’s first company-owned location. It would be easier for everyone if they would add an “authorized partner” tag to the signage at these places so that people will know it is not owned or operated by the company.

  8. ahh, Hero’s and Horton’s what great memories….
    and large round communal tables at Everybodys

    1. But what I really miss are Dooley’s and the little Taco Mac that none of the young ‘uns and newer folks believe was actually there behind the gas station!

  9. Barnes and Noble RUN the Emory bookstore, so it is NOT going to be like a free-standing B and N.

    Basically a college bookstore with a smattering of “non-scholastic” offerings. Just don’t expect it to be filled with every book which might interest you, music section, kids section etc. Not the same operation.

    1. What they have is: top floor = emory swag (makes sense–they are across from the admissions office). Middle floor = most square footage, has college books, med and law school books, office supplies, electronic doo-dads (earphones, laptop cases, etc) and a computer store that opens in august. Ground floor = magazines, “bookstore” type books, gift-type stuff (journals, fancy pens, etc.)

      And the Starbucks has “9 to 5” ish hours so I can see how the Village Starbucks will continue to exist.

  10. The Starbucks will be open much longer during the school year. I think midnight, which means it’s now a great place for me to study away from the library and perhaps get a latenight snack. Not many latenight dining options at Emory. As for the Starbucks’ ownership. I believe it’s actually owned by Starbucks, it’s not a franchise from what I was told. And as for the training, while not uncomfortable for me, it is weird seeing like 10 employees in there at once when the one in the village only has 2-3 at a given time of day. The manager is cool though. It’s actually kind of a fun environment despite all of that. It’s less noticeable/uncomfortable when the place is crowded with customers, which it has been for the past few days since its opening. You can basically ignore it when socializing w/others. As for internet, that’s not a concern to me b/c I’m a student and Emory Unplugged works just fine in there for me.

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