Gary DeToma Jr. Flower Memorial in Harmony Park

Members of the community have gotten together and arranged a flower memorial for Gary DeToma Jr. in Oakhurst’s Harmony Park.  College Heights principal Suzanne Kennedy sent out the details yesterday about how you can participate…

Dear Parents,

In an effort to show support for Melanie DeToma and her family, but at the same time respect their wishes for privacy, a flower memorial in Harmony Park is being arranged by the community. A linden tree will be planted on-site by Trees Atlanta. Hopefully, by Friday afternoon families can begin to gather bouquets and remembrances as a gesture of goodwill for the family.

If you are able and wish to participate, simply place a suitable arrangement among the flowers in Harmony Park beginning on Friday afternoon. Please do not forget about the Gary DeToma Jr. Memorial Fund at Decatur First Bank, which is another way of showing support to the family as they get through this very difficult time.


Suzanne Kennedy

Principal of College Heights

7 thoughts on “Gary DeToma Jr. Flower Memorial in Harmony Park”

  1. It’s a sweet gesture, but why not put the $10 you would spend on cut flowers that will last a 24 hours into the fund at Decatur First?

  2. My daughter (who was a classmate of Gary’s) will put together a bouquet of plants and flowers from our yard.

  3. I hope some more people do bring some flowers up. The family will drive past the park and see all the support. That’s incredibly special. I’m with Trae- let’s do both. I deposited a check for the family yesterday, and brought some flowers up to the park today. Just a little something we can do.

  4. Thanks for the responses, and yes, the fund is of critical, primary importance.

    This gesture is really about making an active, public show of support to the family from the community – something that is hard to do (as a community) with anonymous individual monetary donations. Maybe think of it this way: your donation is your personal contribution, but this memorial from us as community.

    And Ragnar – Thanks for sharing.

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