Atlanta-Themed Cookie Cakes

Christa at Pecanne Log and CL’s Thomas Wheatley recently designed – and auctioned off! – a bunch of Atlanta-themed cookie cakes for a recent Burnaway fundraiser.

The cookies themselves are definitely worth a look – especially the Beltline and Bike Shorts man – but nothing gets Christa’s creative writing juices flowing faster than getting to point out the inadequacies of her favorite Atlanta journo.

Thomas is still struggling with expressing himself in an efficient manner via decorative gel. It was really hard for me to hold back when I wanted to mentor him artistically yet not smother his creativity. Often he wanted to use hot pink buttercream frosting to recreate architecture that would look better in a more natural color and with a more delicate line, but I had to sit back and let the Olympic Spirit carry him. Sometimes I would lose my patience and covertly churn out a design (anything you see below that uses cursive script, obviously).

Photo courtesy of Pecanne Log

10 thoughts on “Atlanta-Themed Cookie Cakes”

  1. I believe a gauntlet has been thrown, gentle folk of Decatur. We need a Decatur-themed cookie contest, pronto.

  2. I like the pink! It’s sassy!!

    Little known fact: Behind Thomas Wheatley’s cutie pie southern gentleman exterior lurks a smooth talkin’ cookie hawkin’ salesman! 100% True!

  3. I heard Bike Shorts Man referred to as Meat Man during a breakfast meeting this morning.

    Has anyone else seen Red Clay Man? He walks a circuit around L5P, finding patches of red clay, kicking up a minor dust storm, and coating himself with the dust from head to toe.


    1. Ah, Red Clay Man– are there any characters like we have here in the South? One of the many reasons I love living here…

    2. I’ve already heard him referred to as either “Mr. Bulges” or “Mr. Schlong” myself. Very descriptive names, to say the least.

  4. Mr. Peeny, is another name …. Decatur High Students did a hilarious interview of him with the background music of “Rubber Band Man” a few years ago, and posted it on intenet a few years ago …

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