Filming at Decatur High

I have gotten a couple reports in the last 24 hours wondering about the large production crew that’s set up shop at Decatur High School parking lot.

Last week, the city’s Cheryl Burnette reported that Mean Girls 2 would be filming in the city all this week, so I have to assume that’s what is current in production at the high school.  If so, that should mean that DHS will have a starring role in the film.

But hopefully Cheryl can confirm/deny!

8 thoughts on “Filming at Decatur High”

  1. The signs for the “MG2” parking at Agnes Scott probably confirm your suspicion. I was wondering what film that was.

  2. We keep getting cinematic masterpieces here in Decatur! At least they are bringing the money.

  3. As a parent, I can’t say I love the idea of the “mean girls” concept being associated with our high school. Can’t we attract films with titles like “High School Volunteers” or “Boy Scout Jamboree” or “Math/Science Club” or “Sound of Music: The Sequel”? 🙂

    On another note, how much money is CSD making off of this? How many good teachers or elementary paraprofessionals can we hire from it? We already have two new administrative positions–a scheduler for the high school facilities and a communications person for Central Office–so we should be able to hire more front-line worker bees now.

    1. The first ‘Mean Girls’ was a wonderful movie that displayed the fact that we’re all the same and beautiful on the inside and out. I wished that the orginal star listen.

  4. MG2 is a straight to DVD deal with nowhere near the talent line up or production values of the first one.
    Doesn’t mean it can’t be good but has a tough hill to climb.

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