Delta Community Credit Union to Open in Wolf Camera Space

It’ll be nice to see a business in that empty space again!

Oakhurst Realty informs us via Twitter…

Delta Community Credit Union to open in former Wolf Camera space

Here’s their website.

21 thoughts on “Delta Community Credit Union to Open in Wolf Camera Space”

    1. Isn’t there a Delta Credit Union right near the corner of N. Decatur and Clairmont? Why would you need to go to the airport?

  1. Great news for my family as well. We love DCCU(some family are lifelong Delta employees of 40+ years), but for now the most convenient branch is in the Perimeter Mall area (but we always combine rare branch visits with trips to Total Wine–amazing selection. So in an indirect way this is good for Cooks/Sherlocks, who will get a little more of our business;)).

  2. The DecaturKJs are pretty happy too. Plus, we can walk right next door and spend it all at Pastries a Go Go.

  3. As long as the deposit slips and receipts are on 100% recycled banana fiber paper and printed with soy ink, they have my support.

    Just curious – can non-Delta people have accounts there?

  4. @Andisheh,

    yep–any resident of metro area counties can join. I’m a member and I really like it.

    Also, there are credit union service centers around that service Delta Community CU, so I’ve been using those (up to now, the Delta CU’s have been fairly inconvenient for me, but there are plenty of service centers).

  5. I have heard that different credit unions collaborate; I hope that this one collaborates with Georgia Telco. Have to check that out.

  6. Geez…I should have done a better job of researching this credit union before I posted. I think I was still a little bit shell-shocked from yesterday.

    Since anyone can join, this is obviously news to everyone. I’ve altered my original post accordingly and provided a link to their website.

  7. I’m sure they’ll have an ATM. They do at all other branches. And they give members a list of all locations where you can withdraw from other ATMs and get $0 in charges. They treat people well and they have good products. The car loan rates are great. The home equity loans are great, no closing costs or fees whatsoever and they’ll pay for an appraisal. Overall, a far far better customer experience than the mega banks. Competition is such a great thing.

  8. Clark Howard always raves about credit unions. Says that they are head and shoulders above
    the mega banks.

  9. I’ve been a DCCU customer for years, and I *love* them. This is great news. I believe they will be a good community partner.

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