Filming at Sammiches n’ Stuff

Lewis writes in…

With 4th of July celebrations, this was my first chance to send this in. I was walking in Decatur last Thursday night and spotted what looked like a movie shoot going on in Sammiches N’ Stuff. Looks like they replaced the hanging sign too. I snapped some pics, sending them to you. Got any info on what this is about?

Hopefully Cheryl Burnette, the city of Decatur’s Assistant Director of Everything, has the answer!

A close up of the sign out front can be viewed after the jump.

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  1. I noticed today as I drove by the old Big Lots building off of Church, that there were at least a dozen or so movie production trucks parked all around the building. Anyone know their filming?

    1. Have they fixed the sign out front?
      I have noticed since before christmas, at night when lit up it spells BIGOTS.
      last time i went by the store last month it was missing light bulbs in the L.
      Wonder if they don’t care or somehow have not noticed it?

  2. I don know what they are filming but the sign they put up sure looks like it would make a good restaurant…we are lacking a good authentic Italian restaurant on the Square.

  3. Many, many moons ago there was an Italian restaurant in that space. I only visited once, but I remember it to be a charming evening dining space. I think about what a great use that was every time I walk by….

    1. Yes, now I remember too. I think it began with an A, something like Antionelli’s. It had GREAT osso buco. I never figured out why it closed. Maybe it arrived in Decatur just a tad too early to catch the YUMD (Young Upwardly Mobile Decaturites, aka YUMDies) wave.

      1. I’m thinking it was between 1991 and 1995 that the Italian restaurant was in that spot; I think it only lasted a couple of years. Are we sure it was Italian and not Spanish or some kind of mixture? It was definitely Continental Italian, not American-Italian. I’m thinking I’m remembering authentic flan, not ersatz. It was definitely fine dining, not casual.

        1. It was owned by Camille’s that was in Va Highland and it was called Trattoria, I think, which is Italain .. loved it, and don’t understand why they closed it …then of course, there was another Italian place where Squash Blossom sits now, and no one visited …it was forlorn….

          1. Ahhhh, I remember Camille’s– pretty decent, if middle-of-the-road, Italian food. The best part of it was Camille herself…she was something! Ironically, she died while she was vacationing in Italy, poor thing.

          2. I dined at Camille’s, but it wasn’t the place I was thinking of earlier. The other place was in the location of the Squash Blossom.

          3. I worked at Camille’s. It was there for a least a decade. It’s was called Camille’s. Bob and Camille also owned San Generro on Cheshire Bridge. Bob closed both places after Camille died- he was too devastated to continue with them. It think that was 1997 or 1998.

          4. Trattoria sounds more familiar–I think this is the restaurant I am remembering with great osso buco that was in the current Samwiches spot. One New Year’s Eve, it has a prix fixe dinner that a bunch of us then childless couples attended. The prix fixe dinner wasn’t as good as their usual fine dining menu. There was a prominent bar area. I think if it had opened just 5 years later, the restaurant would have made a killing.

            1. Trattoria….. owned by Camille’s. That was the place. You are so right about the restaurant being five years too early. It would be interesting to compile a list of businesses we old timers wish would return now that Decatur has all these great YUMD’s who can actually sustain their efforts.
              Maybe some of them will give it another try!

              1. Hmmmm…I think it was Trattoria-something. Trattoria 515? I remember it also–delicious. I also remember eating tapas at the Cuban/Spanish. But I don’t remember the name–I think there was a link to Mambo’s in Virginia Highland. Both good restaurants in that spot but maybe ahead of their time?

    2. I can’t remember the name of the Italian place that used to be on the square, but I do remember that it was African-American owned and operated and one time when I went for dinner, the owner didn’t know what the nightly specials were going to be yet (it was pretty early), because the chef had not returned from the market.

  4. They are filming Mean Girls 2 on my street this week, and I think they were also filming at Agnes Scott, so I bet that is the answer.

    1. Maybe I’m confusing the two–the Italian and the Cuban? Or maybe it was the same? No reason a Cuban place can’t decide to serve osso buco. But I’m confused on the name. I don’t remember “Mambo”.

      1. We do, actually, have a dish along those lines, but ours uses oxtails. It’s called “Hot Cuban Tail” (I’m not kidding!)– I can’t eat it, but the spousal unit luuuurves it.

  5. The filming at Sammiches last week was done by one of our recent DHS graduates, Ben Lambeth. He graduated this past year and has a big interest in films. The name of the project he is working on is “Confessions of Vengeance”. I had to laugh at the new title you have given me DM!

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