Chef Kevin Ouzts Bringing “Lost Art” of Charcuterie To Decatur

Restaurant Eugene’s former sous chef, Kevin Ouzts, is recently back from a California food pilgrimage and ready to show the Atlanta food world what he’s learned.

After graduating from culinary school in Atlanta in early 2009, Ouzts headed out to America’s food mecca with stints at The French Laundry in Yountville and The Fatted Calf in Napa.  At The Fatted Calf, Ouzts discovered his passion: the art of Charcuterie.

This was something he had never encountered in the modern South.  As he details on his website, “As a native of Atlanta and the South, I discovered that this is a world that the city of Atlanta has never truly had the opportunity to embrace.”

Back in Atlanta today, Ouzts has founded his own company, “The Spotted Trotter”, which will sell everything from pates to terrines (which is like pate, but has more coarsely chopped ingredients) to jerky and crepinettes (a small, flattened sausage) at Sawicki’s and the Peachtree Road Farmer’s Market beginning next weekend.

Ouzts tells DM that he believes his product stands out because it’s made in boutique batches and “every primal cut, trim, or whole animal will be sourced locally either within the state of Georgia or surrounding Southeast.”  He continues, “We will use fresh, organic herbs and spices when available, except dried spices. All of our animals are humanely-sourced and the finest quality the Southeast has to offer.”

For the more gastronomically inclined among us, you can peruse a list of a few of the specific items which Ouzts will offer up for sale over the first few weeks of business.


  • SWOT- Sweet Hot Italian
  • Brandy Rabbit Boudin
  • French Toulouse
  • Sweet Southern Breakfast Sausage


  • Fegatelli
  • Petite Sec
  • Spanish Chorizo


  • Sorghum, Black Pepper Pork Belly (Bacon)
  • Asian Spiced Lamb Crepinettes (Sausage Wrapped in Caul Fat)
  • Southern Stained Beef Jerky (With Bourbon and Brown Sugar)

12 thoughts on “Chef Kevin Ouzts Bringing “Lost Art” of Charcuterie To Decatur”

  1. Another great reason to go to Sawicki’s! I was skeptical initially whether Sawicki’s would make it but I sure hope it does well and stays in Decatur because it has just what I need at times whether it be the perfect baguette, high quality cheese and crackers to bring the host of a dinner party, attractive cupcakes, or real old-fashioned cream soda. It also does great sandwiches, soups, and Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner.

  2. I had a roast pork sandwich at Sawicki’s about two weeks ago that I believe may have been the best sandwich I’ve ever eaten.

    It felt a bit skimpy in portion, so I almost ordered a second.

    What’s the actual definition of Charcuterie, and doesn’t Pine St. Market qualify?

    I’d hate to have these guys go head to head and knock each other out of business.

  3. I know this guy……I ought to……..he’s my son. I’ve never seen a more passionate devotee of superior, good tasting creations. I cant wait to see his offerings at the market this Saturday. That’s my story and I’m stickin to it…………………

  4. Pulled the offending comment and related comments. On second glance, the whole thing was a personal attack and the comment policy clearly states that those are not allowed.

  5. . . . . . . and we at Le Cordon Bleu are very proud of Kevin and his accomplishments. Keep up the good work, Kevin, and best to you always!

  6. A personal attach in a thread about Charcuterie. Wow. There are some insane people out there!

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