Indictment: DeKalb Superintendent “Turned a Blind Eye”

Sounds like the educator had no clothes.

This morning the AJC goes into great detail about the indictment released against former DeKalb Superintendent Crawford Lewis and his administrative peers.   And instead of being a ring-leader, Lewis comes off more like a pawn in his COO’s construction money game.

In a 127-page indictment handed down Wednesday, Lewis is portrayed as a superintendent who turned a blind eye to violations of district policy and state law, compromising himself for little in return.

If Lewis was a secondary figure, his former chief operating officer, Patricia “Pat” Reid, has been painted as the star of this unfolding drama — a construction expert who duped school board members and steered work to her husband.

The article reads like something straight off the Elizabethan stage.

One thought on “Indictment: DeKalb Superintendent “Turned a Blind Eye””

  1. A pawn indeed. Seriously, who gets free tickets to The Masters and doesn’t know where they came from? It’s ludicrous.

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