Downtown Macy’s Reopens This Summer as Event Facility

Photo courtesy of AJC

There’s lots of excitement surrounding the reopening of Macy’s (previously Davison’s) downtown this summer after an extensive $16 million renovation. The AJC has a great little write up on the transformation of the department store into an event facility with restaurants.  (You can also click here for a couple of renderings and “before” pictures of the space.)

Money quote from the article: “The best way to save a building is to use it.”

Dang straight.  Let’s keep providing incentives to do just that.

h/t: Next Stop…Decatur

4 thoughts on “Downtown Macy’s Reopens This Summer as Event Facility”

  1. Absolutely! Most of these building would be too expensive to build now or the materials wouldn’t be available.

  2. What wonderful news! Back in the day, it was my favorite place to work!! (The buying offices were tucked into every nook & cranny– a whole secret world. )

    Glorious reinvention of space. The main floor, mezzanine, and cellar are party perfect!

  3. Wooooowwww. Pretty. It’s such a huge space. I don’t remember going there when it was still an operational Macy’s, but I did get to roam around the place when I interned with the organizers of the Atlanta Film Festival.

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