SunO Dessert Moving In Across From N. Decatur Publix

The John-Kessler-Restaurant-Tip-Explosion-O-Rama continues!

The third restaurant tip in two days from Mr. Kessler…

Suno Dessert Café will open a new location near Emory University, at the corner of N. Decatur Road and Clairmont Road, later this month. The Korean-style dessert features freshly shaved milky ice topped with fruit, powders, beans, syrups, condensed milk and various other options.

I can’t be sure, but the location mentioned on Sonu’s website makes it sound like it’s going into the old Jake’s location across from Publix on North Decatur Road.

John’s got a pic of a Sonu strawberry/kiwi dessert he devoured in Duluth last week in his AJC post if you want more of a glimpse of what’s in store.

9 thoughts on “SunO Dessert Moving In Across From N. Decatur Publix”

  1. Foodie friend lovingly and accurately describes this family of desserts as “crap in a glass.” Generally looks like Hell, but man is it delicious. I’ve only ever had it post meal at restaurants, never at a place devoted to the craft, so should be interesting to see what options they offer.

  2. My wife and I stumbled across this place in Duluth and loved it. Excited to have it so close.

  3. I have been doing happydancesofjoy since hearing this a while back. (I’ve been to the Athens location.) They have bubble tea and delicious desserts and…yeah. I’m pleased.

  4. Altmod, just like how it soundes: Sue – No. 🙂 I think it means snow in Korean…or something like that. I’m very excited! Been to the one in Duluth, and have been looking for a good bubble tea (milk tea with tapioca balls…yum!) place in the area.

  5. It definitely doesn’t mean snow in Korean, that would be “neun”. But it might be a transliteration of the word “snow” into the Korean alphabet.

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