Sunday Paper Reader’s Choice 2010 – Decatur Edition

Sunday Paper just released their Reader’s Choice winners for 2010 and there are quite of few Decatur and Decatur-ish mentions!  Here’s my summary.  Let me know if I missed any!

Food and Drink

  • Best Pub Food – The Marley House  (Runner Up: The Brick Store)
  • Best Overall Bar & Best Beer Selection – Brick Store Pub
  • Best Seafood – (Runner Up: Wahoo! Grill)
  • Best Indian – Bhojanic
  • Best Italian – Figo
  • Best Irish Bar – (Runner Up: The Marley House)

City Living

  • Best ITP Neighborhood – Decatur
  • Best Neighborhood to Raise Your Kids – Decatur
  • Best Local College or University – Emory


Best Place to Get a Massage – Natural Body

Style and Shopping

  • Best Jeweler – Worthmore Jewelers
  • Best Antique Store – Kudzu Antiques
  • Best CD Store – (Runner Up: Decatur CD)

Arts & Entertainment

  • Best Theater Company – Push Push Theater
  • Best Open Mic Night – Eddie’s Attic
  • Best Pool Hall – (Runner Up: Twain’s)

4 thoughts on “Sunday Paper Reader’s Choice 2010 – Decatur Edition”


    Decatur isn’t a neighborhood, IT’S AN INCORPORATED CITY.

    1. Sorry about the other deletion christa. Was feeling like a wuss yesterday and didn’t want to deal with any repercussions.

      As for Decatur not being a neighborhood. Damn right.

      Decatur: Like a neighborhood, but with government!

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