Glenlake Park Progess Update

Parts of Glenlake Park are beginning to look downright picturesque.  Some photos, courtesy of Mr. Chris Billingsley…

12 thoughts on “Glenlake Park Progess Update”

  1. I’m SOOO shocked! After viewing the photos of the construction in Glenlake Park, it appears that someone is riding their motorcycle inside the park on the new blacktop (which is incredibly ugly, by the way…the blacktop, not the motorcycle). Anyway, I just can’t believe that anyone in Decatur would ignore all the signs around the park that state that the park is CLOSED! Sarcasm aside, this guy is typical of a lot of the people that I see around Decatur who seem to believe that they are so special that none of the laws actually apply to them. People that let their dogs roam around inside the park off leash…people that ignore the posted speed limits…people that cross the street where ever they feel like it &/or ignore the crossing signals…I could go on & on, but won’t. Hope this guy enjoyed his little joy ride; I’m sure he will be back to ride around on the new paths, but he will probably only do that after the park is supposed to be closed each night.

    1. I’ve stopped by the cemetary to look in on progress on many occassions, and it is quite rare for the park to be free of residents ignoring the “park is closed” signs. I’ve even seen many people letting dogs run around on new sod. In the end, most of that probably did not hurt anything. But still, how much self-control foes it take to walk someplace else and let the project be completed?

      I personally think this project was a massive waste of Decatur’s time and money, but that’s no reason to ignore the signs and just enter the park anyway.

  2. How can they spend that much time and money on Glenlake Park and not even improve the playground?

    1. I thought it was improved rather recently? Or is time flying faster than I can follow it? Maybe that was with an older child and not a younger one? All those Little Slugger and Little Kicker clinics start to blur.

  3. My guess is that the asphalt is some type of porous, water-friendly composite material that also allows for ADA accessibility. Anyone know for sure?

  4. Actually, asphalt for walking trails in a wooded setting ends up being a bit more attractive than concrete, IMO. If you want proof, ride your bike around Callaway Gardens. If they are multi use trails, concrete holds up better over time, but for a park like this the asphalt (after they finish the grading and landscape the shoulders) will blend in a bit better. Porous concrete for trails isn’t really worth the money–it functions better for large paved areas (check out the East Atlanta and Toco Hill Library parking lots to see porous concrete, and pervious concrete pavers). Pervious asphalt does not hold up at all. As for the motorcycle…stay classy, Decatur.

  5. However, the detention area looks like a wasted opportunity…Rain gardens or Bioswale with river rock, native grasses, Bald Cypress—all look better and could serve the same purpose. Looks a bit over-engineered….! (or the landscape budget was nil)

  6. I’m reading a whole lotta whining. Hey, it’s not finished yet. Wait until it’s done, take a tour, e-mail questions to Hugh Saxon and Jabari Cole. Then judge.

    And remember, there were five or six public meetings about this. No other metro area city or county gathers as much public input upfront as the CofD.

  7. I agree with Hmmm. I’ve been a frequent visitor to Glenlake park since 1989. I’ve seen the improvements to the park and I know that there was a lot of input gathered from the community. The new Glenlake Park is beautiful.

    FYI: Concrete is much more expensive than asphalt.

  8. It is not possible to give an exact date, but much of the dealy was due to the fact that the saturated soil could not provide a good base for the asphalt. Now that the asphalt trails are in, the grand opening should be around the corner.

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