Atlanta Magazine Offers Correction on Decatur Real Estate Data

From the Atlanta Magazine website

*Department of Corrections

Readers have enjoyed our Real Estate issue—that is, except for citizens in the city of Decatur, who expressed their displeasure when they noticed that the depressed sales prices we listed for their area were representative of all Decatur addresses, not just the city as we had mistakenly indicated. We’re sorry for that error, and with the help of a Decatur real estate agent, Sean Dammann, and the City of Alpharetta (whose sales prices we’d also listed as representing solely the city), we have some new numbers to share.

In fact, the city of Decatur’s citizens have reason to be proud. Median sales prices have held relatively steady over the past three years, dropping by only 0.6 percent since 2007 to around $350,000 (although the number of homes sold in the city was down 29.6 percent in 2009 to 178). Dammann culled his numbers from the Sandy Springs–based First Multiple Listing Service (FMLS).

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Hat-tip to the city’s Linda Harris over on the Decatur Minute who also notes that the magazine will post a correction in its June issue.

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  1. Which online sites do people go to find the best (accurate and close to up to date) sales data for Decatur and other metro areas? I’m sure there is some site I’m not aware of…

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