David Stephens’ New Music Video

One of my favorite local musicians, the banjo-picking, puppeteer David Stephens, has just released his first music video.  And what sort of video might you expect from a banjo-picking puppeteer? One that features banjos AND puppets of course!

Luckily, Stephens doesn’t disappoint.  Enjoy!

h/t: Decatur CD

AJC Profiles District 42 Senate Race

Two days before the special election, the AJC has an extensive profile on the District 42 Georgia Senate race in this morning’s paper.

In summation, Jason Carter has a lot of money (thanks to donors from both inside and outside the state of Georgia) and he’s got name recognition. Main challenger Tom Stubbs asserts that Carter has bigger political aspirations beyond District 42 and questions Carter’s long-term focus on his district.  Both being Democrats, there seem to be few items of policy on which the two candidates disagree.

Only 8,000-9,000 folks are expected to turn out and vote in this Tuesday’s special election, which makes it unpredictable, even with Carter’s substantial monetary advantage.

P.S.  Another article in the AJC a couple days back about this race made another interesting observation.  The person elected to this post will never serve in the legislature during this current term, since it ends this year. So in accuality, District 42 candidates are running to have the word “incumbent” notated after their name on the November ballot.  Interesting.

Disclosure: Both Stubbs and Carter are currently DM sponsors

Dead Poets Grand Tour Coming to Decatur

From Linda Harris at The Decatur Minute…

The Dead Poets Society of America and Georgia plan to have a poetry reading in the Decatur Cemetery on Wednesday, May 12 at 2 p.m. The reading is part of a nationwide 2010 tour and will be the 1st historic Georgia Dead Poets event.

The event will take place at the gravesite of Thomas Holley Chivers in the old historic section off Commerce Avenue. Thomas Holley Chivers, October 18, 1809 – December 18, 1858, was an American doctor-turned-poet from Georgia. He is best known for his friendship with Edgar Allan Poe and his controversial defense of the poet after his death.

For more on Chivers, check out his Georgia Encyclopedia entry.  For more on the event, CLICK HERE.

To check out the Dead Poets Grand Tour route, to see where they’ve been and where they’re going, CLICK HERE.