Free-For-All Friday 4/30/10

Use this post to make comments and ask questions about local issues not discussed here in the past week.  Comments close Monday.


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76 thoughts on “Free-For-All Friday 4/30/10”

    1. Previously published in DM:

      From Agnes Scott President Elizabeth Kiss…

      Dear Agnes Scott Community:

      I’m pleased to announce the news for which you’ve all been waiting—the film being shot on campus is “Big Momma: Like Father Like Son.”

      The stars are:

      · Martin Lawrence as Malcolm/Big Momma
      · Brandon T. Jackson as Trent (starred in “Tropic Thunder” with Ben Stiller)
      · Sherri Shepherd (as seen on “The View)
      Faizon Love as Kurtis Kool (starred in “Couples Retreat” with Vince Vaughn)

      1. Elizabeth Kiss sure as hell likes to pimp our campus. It must suck to be a senior right now with most outdoor space alloted to the film crew. Previous presidents chose to limit filming to breaks since the campus is so small.

        1. I don’t know what the students think about it, but actually they’re keeping it pretty contained. It’s mostly just taking up a parking lot on the McDonough side of campus and one building. I sent my kid over there with my mom yesterday because he likes to look at the trucks, and my mom called me from her cell phone to say she couldn’t find any filming going on anywhere, until I directed her to the right spot. And FWIW, the crew have been very kind to curious toddlers.

  1. At my round table discussion, my leader started out by saying that we SHOULD keep everything we say in the group confidential. I challenged that. I said I felt that we should not expect confidentiality. They mentioned blogging, too, not this specific blog, but….

    So, they decided we could talk in general terms about what was being said, without getting specific.

    We talked some about the chasm between the school system and the city, and how the two entities don’t work well together. I heard from a friend that was a topic in another group.

    My fabulous idea? Having a city-supported and run tool bank. Instead of every homeowner buying a chain saw, power washer or other expensive tool that they use a couple times a year, why not have some tools you could “borrow” for a small fee? Would help those of us who are pinching pennies. I wouldn’t want to cut into the business of my favorite hardware store–Ace Hardware on Scott, though.

    One member of our group wanted to discuss school curriculum issues, specifically a dislike of too much testing. I felt that these round tables were an inappropriate place to be discussing curriculum, as they were not being convened by the school system, and that curriculum issues should be the territory of the school system. This group member was not happy with me for saying this.

    1. My fabulous idea? Having a city-supported and run tool bank. Instead of every homeowner buying a chain saw, power washer or other expensive tool that they use a couple times a year, why not have some tools you could “borrow” for a small fee? Would help those of us who are pinching pennies.


      You can already rent those tools, and many others, at Home Depot, and probably other places as well. Why is there any need to get public money involved in this sort of thing?

      1. Not a bad idea – but a better idea is some sort of neighbor -to-neighbor borrowing, facilitated through some existing online site (TBD.) As a personal example, I have lots of infrequently used tools I’d be willing to lend.

          1. Maybe we need a community tool shelf next to the community bookcase! Or would it have to be a community tool wheel – we could have races round the square between the tool and book wheels!

        1. Or, we could time-warp back thirty years ago to an age when people actually talked to their neighbors and their kids attended the same school (!) and we could borrow tools from our neighbors.

          This is the way “playdates” have devolved–instead of our kids running next door or three streets down to play with their friends, the parents now have to generate playdates, complete with pick-up and drop-off times and background checks (“Do you own a gun?”).

          By the same token, we now have to set up a tool bank over the internet just to borrow a screwdriver.


          1. “Do you own a gun?”


            Another parent has asked you this? Sheesh, people are crazy. Did they also insist on checking your electrical outlets and eliminating all trip hazards in your house before permitting the playdate?

            1. Listen, one time I let my daughter spend the night at a friend’s house, and later I found out that the older brother scared them and they DID have a gun. As a parent, I’m responsible for making reasonably sure that my child will be safe. I’m not sure how one would politely ask this kind of question, I’ll admit. But I’m not sure it’s an outrageous thing for a parent to want to know.

            2. I’ve had parents ask me and I have NEVER minded answering that we keep no weapons in the house. It is a smart thing to ask about the presence and safe storage of weapons given that Georgia has a fairly impressive rate of firearms-related death and injury. Admittedly there are lots of other hazards in childhood but few are as lethal as firearms. I’m not criticizing anyone who doesn’t ask–I mostly forget or assume I already know the answer–but it’s not crazy to ask. What would make a parent truly crazy would be if their child were seriously harmed by a firearm and they wished they had remembered or bothered to ask.

          2. CSD Mom,

            You need to live on my street. My neighbors allow their kids to run down the street (literally) all by themselves to play with their friends. (i.e., IN the street)

            I don’t know if they share tools or not though.

          3. So right CSD. We way overcomplicate our kids’ lives…two soccer seasons, two baseball seasons, play “dates”. So glad I didn’t grow up in today’s kids world.

          4. Your description of the old days sounds like what goes on our street–we borrow tools, cars, cups of sugar, etc and our kids go to other kids’ houses and ride bikes, all just like the old days. Perhaps you should to Winnona Park.

        2. George, you obviously don’t live next to Herb and Dagwood. Don’t you know you’d never get your tools back?

        3. Or we could walk across the street and talk to our neighbors. Not everything has to be online.

      2. I find the rental fees rather high, for instance. But I like the idea of some sort of way to facilitate neighbor-to-neighbor borrowing. Maybe, you get CREDITS for lending your tools, which you can redeem by BORROWING tools, but you could still PAY to borrow tools if you have none to lend? Would have to have some sort of way of guaranteeing that the borrower would repair or replace any tool they damaged.

    2. Oh gosh! Images of irate chainsaw wielding folks chasing after school board folks! Might better resolve the CDS issues first!

    3. The no-telling instruction was intended to refer to personal stories, not to the secret nature of the content of the ideas. For example, if Participant X says, “I think we should have more psychiatrists in Decatur because I have a very inconvenient problem where I suddenly become convinced that I am a stray dog being chased by a garbage truck and this happens at least once a day.” You could share that the discussion included a suggestion for more psychiatric services, but not something along the lines of, “You’ll never guess who has a very interesting mental health problem!!”

      1. I think you may need something stronger than psychiatrist when you get to the stray dog point.

  2. In light of yesterday’s discussion about the HOST lawsuit, I find the banners in downtown Decatur celebrating county government month to be unintentional comedy at its best.

    1. Unofficial, perhaps obvious info:

      They still have the June signs posted at the park. So I suppose they are sticking to that schedule. I take a gander at the progress all the time, and they still have a lot of work to do on walkways, which I assume are going to be paved sidewalks. The playground portion is still sprouting weeds and has not been touched. So I don’t know when it will open, but they have a good bit of work still to do.

    2. I think the threat of 80 Glenlake Park campers showing up at 7:30 AM, June 7, at City Hall, looking for fun and frolic, is going to force an on-time opening!

  3. Is May 15 the starting date for the Saturday Decatur farmers’ market? I saw that the East Lake market starts tomorrow… oh, the joys of farmers’ market season!

  4. To the lucky winner(s) of the Kick in the Fit contest:

    Please remember that sound travels really well on the Agnes Scott athletic field! While you are enthusiastically kick-starting your fitness regime at 5:45 a.m., some of us in the neighborhood are still trying to sleep. Thank you!

    1. I ate there last night, stayed true to the carnivore path, bypassed any of the veggie options that have been called into question, and found it extremely kick ass.

      Plus the staff was very friendly and had their act together. A great addition to town.

    2. Also ate there last night. Had a burger with red onion, arugula and maytag blue cheese. It was good but I didn’t think it was raving great.

      Even though others scoffed at the idea a few weeks back that anyone would make Watershed a destination for a great burger (versus their other delish offerings), I stand by my assertion that Watershed has, hands down, the best burger in town and that it is far better than Farm Burger. Watershed’s is way juicier, thicker, and with just the right amount of char. I will admit that if I wanted to make a true comparison, I would have gotten my Farm Burger with red onion, cheddar cheese and ketchup.

      On the positive for Farm Burger: the blue cheese on my burger was really yummy, sweet potato fries were excellent and we spent half of what we would spend at WS. LOVE the idea of wine by the pint. Agree with Scott on the staff and would add that the service was prompt. And just because I think WS is better doesn’t mean I won’t be back to FB the next time I want creative burger toppings, have a hankering for sweet potato fries, or just need a cheap pint of wine.

    3. A food review that takes 6 paragraphs to get to the quality, as opposed to the source, of the food? It appears that some must first pass moral judgment on the food before discussing whether it tastes good. Not saying the sourcing is entirely irrelevant, but it should be of second order importance (at most) in a published review.

    4. Went last week and honestly it was a little on the greasy side to me. I’m not above going to fast food joints and this was greasier than Sonic. I’ve talked to others who haven’t had the same experience so perhaps my visit was a fluke. Prices are reasonable enough. Probably will end up being a once-a-month kind of place.

    5. Farm Burger had better get cracking on a better veggie burger if the chef is going up to folks & telling them about the cow that they’re eating. I sure encourage him to keep it up!

      Loved that Farm Burger served greens at Green Fest. Their collards are old school excellent!

    1. Had Farm Burger for dinner tonight – yum. Hubbs and I each had a burger, split the fries/onion rings,andI had a root beer float. Everything was wonderful. Service was top notch. For just $6, the burger can’t be beat. We will be going back.

  5. Did everyone see the lion dancing in front of Fidelity Bank? He was ‘putting his move on’ in the blazing sun.

  6. Farm Burger was PACKED during the lunch hour today–even through 2 pm. I enjoyed a Little Farmer (kid burger) and my dining partner enjoyed a veggie burger. I was just amazed by how many people were getting their burger on while we were there.

    1. When I have inquired in the past, I was told the track was not open to the public.

      1. The track at Agnes Scott is generally available after 5 PM (assuming the school isn’t using it, which doesn’t seem to be too often). One nice perk: depending on the time of day much of the track is in the shade, which is getting more & more important as summer arrives.

        Sidebar: Kind of ironic that the public school (ie the one we taxpayers fund) bans the public, while the private school allows public access. And yes, I know that we are indirectly funding private colleges through student loans and such, but if you’re hung up on that then you’re missing the point.

        1. In fact, the CSD high school and middle school track teams use the Agnes Scott track for practices. So Agnes Scott is certainly a good citizen.

    1. I’m 99% sure there is no track at Decatur High School. I think DHS trains at Agnes Scott, but I’m not sure.

      1. The DHS track is indoors at the new bball gym in the new arts facility. There is no track around the football field.

  7. Does anyone know who is in charge of upkeep on Ponce that runs through downtown? If it is the city, it really is time to repave it. Who do we contact to complain?

      1. I assume you referring to the area between the City limits on the west and downtown. I’m not sure this is DOT, because I don’t think it is a designated state or federal highway.

  8. I just want to give a big shout out to the folks at Decatur Rec. It wasn’t all that fun waiting in line at 6 AM to sign up for Animal Crackers aftercare program. But they were very organized, helpful, and even provided coffee for us poor souls.

  9. They are actually filming two movies at Agnes Scott, I think. The yellow signs say “3HP”, which stand for Big Momma 3 and Hall Pass, a Wilson brother ( can’t remember which one) comedy.

    Went to Farm Burger on Tuesday. They had about 15 employees working behind the bar. Great service. I got the #6, which has a fried egg on top. It’s no Gusburger, but it was solid.

    Overheard at the Oakhurst/Winonna Park Spring Fling last night: “I would go a long way to find a good cornhole”.

    1. Wow! That must have been an Oakhurst person talking about cornhole–I can’t imagine a Winnonian speaking in such vulgar terms.

  10. Just woke up from a dream about zombies. Seriously. I really did. And not the George Romero slow-movers; they were the “28 Days Later” screaming fast ones. Millions of ’em.

    I am so screwed. Need…more…ammo. And a psychiatrist.

    1. One more thing. Only head shots. Nothing else stops them.

      OK, back to sleep (if I can).

      1. You didn’t happen to fall asleep to one of those angry pundits programs on cable TV, did you?

        1. Nope. I don’t watch/read angry pundits. They’re all a bunch of slavering idiots and morons. The last thing I watched before bed was “Up in the Air” with George Clooney. A bit of a downer, but not a zombie dream catalyst.

          1. BIG SMILE!!!

            And you sure have increased my interest in reading your comments on all things political! (I’ve always read them; now I’ll really appreciate them.)

  11. Kick in the Fit announces this week’s contest winners….

    Good morning!

    We had a HUGE response and therefore selected 4 winners this month to start our May AM Boot Camp!

    Derrick Fuqua

    Elizabeth Klynstra

    Jenn Woods

    Andrew Byers

  12. Anyone have suggestions for kid birthday parties inside the city limits? I know of Greene’s, That Pottery Place, Little Shop–is there anything else? Anyone have experience with a bday party at Relics & Rarities?

    1. There’s Leapin’ Lizards (although I don’t know if that’s technically within city limits). I don’t know anyone who has had a bday at Relics, but the owner told me that they did a booming party business over the winter.

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