Free-For-All Friday 4/23/10

Use this post to ask questions and make comments about local issues not discussed here in the past week.

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  1. Happy to report that Farm Burger is awesome, and Feather Baby is great, too (thanks for the balloons). These two plus the toy park, Dancing Goats, Taqueria – looks like Lowcatur is THE place to be!

    1. Lowcatur…havent heard that…funny.

      When you’re in Decatur don’t forget to Go Low!…pretty bad, but it does bring a point that that area seems to be doing well (within the context of the current economy). Wonder if its cause that area is both walkable with some high density close by, while still having easy parking for folks to drive in.

    2. Awesome if you’re a beefeater– the veggie burger, sad to report, is a complete bust. Everything else is great, though, so hopefully they’ll work the veggie thing out. Fries were hot, crunchy/tender, & off the chain!

      1. Thanks for noting this – I’m a vegetarian looking to try FB. Maybe I’ll wait, or only go for fries/appetizers. I also hope they’ll add a veggie option to the kids menu soon!

    3. We also stopped into Feather Baby after our Farmburger meal. Very nice woman owns the store. We were able to purchase the two baby gifts I had on my list. The owners design their own adorable line of organic/fair trade clothing. Good place for a higher end baby gift.

  2. This may not be the best place for this, i know this isn’t a political forum (USUALLY, and it’s not truly political) but i read this earlier this week and thought maybe a few would be interested or at least want the info.

    Westboro “church” is coming to Atlanta May 5-6. I have seen these folks in action and it really is startling honestly. If it gives you any idea of their platform, their leader’s ideas are “God hates f**”, “God loves IED’s”, “Thank God for 9-11″ and “Thank God for dead soldiers.”

    They are planning protests at Druid Hills and Grady high school from what I read earlier this week.

    I’m all for free speech so hopefully these high school kids and others will get out there and show them some love.

    I know there’s sort of a don’t post other people’s website deal here but some bright young student (Rebecca Daniels) is organizing an event on FaceBook to “spread the even more powerful message of love.”

    What better note could this post really end on?

    Happy Friday!

    1. I hadn’t heard about Druid Hills, but I took the day off from work on May 6th for my birthday and I’m planning to join Rebecca’s group at Grady. Can’t think of a better way to spend my birthday!

    2. The best way to support Westboro’s mission is to acknowledge, and thereby legitimize, them. They feed on counter-demonstration and thrive on the press that’s generated by conflict. Every well-intentioned counter display is, to them, a much welcomed photo opp to amplify their voice.

      Turn the channel and let ’em whither in a collective show of indifference.

      1. There’s a fine line between ignoring something to avoid legitimizing it and ignoring something in the hopes it just goes away. The idiots in question here are only legitimized if those opposing them stoop to their level. A nice, peaceful repudiation of their message of hatred does not legitimize them. Personally, I am encouraged by the kids’ reactions.

        That being said, if Fred Phelps was standing in front of me, I would punch him in the face. If he was still standing in front of me, I would punch him again. The Grady kids are better people than me.

      2. I hear you, Scott, and I think you are right about the publicity.
        Sometimes all it takes for evil to thrive is for good people to stand by and do nothing.

        I think this is so obviously wrong-headed, and an abomination of everything that history tells us that Jesus Christ represented in his lifetime.

        1. Agreed it depends on the context, but I’m still of the mind that flat out lunatics like Phelps simply whither on the vine in the absence of publicity.

          I think your point is more appropriate to guys like David Duke, who’ve mastered the art of making despicable ideas seem somehow reasonable to more than a few Americans. Once evil wises up to public image makeovers and starts presenting itself as a legitimate component of mainstream political discourse, that’s when I worry.

  3. Has anyone else noticed that a majority of people who go through the buffet at YDFM choose Styrofoam containers over plates even though their meals aren’t to go? Is there something really skeevy about the plates I don’t know that would justify being so wasteful?

    1. Funny you should mention that. I’ve been eating there a bunch recently and always take a styrofoam container. I usually get about twice what I can eat and take the rest home. But even if I don’t plan ahead to do that, I still get styrofoam. Yes, I am scared of the plates and silverware. The one time I grabbed a plate and metal silverware I sat down and noticed some scary crud on the utensils. Now you would think that would just stop me from eating there altogether, since their cookware is probably cleaned by the same people and in the same way as their serving ware. But I can’t see them cooking and the food tastes great, so I just ignore that as I destroy the planet with non-biodegradable containers and utensils. I know, I’m going to hell, I just hope hell serves YDFM’s butternut squash lasagna…

      1. Make sure you save the styrofoam and recycle it at Electronics Recycling Day. We keep all our Chick-Fil-A cups (grrr) and other styrofoam in our attic for the biannual event.

  4. DM – Are the rumors true that a Baby Decatur Metro is about to make an appearance in the world? If so, best wishes! I hope it doesn’t affect future blogging (I mean, it;s important to have your priorities right!).

    1. I think it means there’ll now be more available hours for posting in the middle of the night. Sounds like a win for us.

    2. If it is true, DM, never, ever go anywhere without a breast pump. Oh, and don’t worry about the kitchen–go ahead and take a nap instead.

    3. Thanks Paula!

      ‘Tis true. 🙂 Should be soon! But don’t worry, I’ve got you guys covered while I’m offline for a few days.

      As for the DM’s future, I’ll probably be a bit more dyslexic than usual for the next couple months, since that seems to be a common symptom of my tired writing. But other than that, my only future plans for DM are bigger and better. Let’s just hope I can pull it all off!

      1. Congrats DM! Hubbs and I aren’t too far behind you and Mrs. DM. I assume out babes will play together at Toy Park some day…does this mean we get DM onesies?

              1. Did I miss a clever comment? Guess I should check the blog thread more often. Must not have been a USEFUL suggestion. LOL…

                1. I’m not sure what I said that merited deletion, and I wrote it!!!

                  I merely said that Oakhurst Garden WOULD accept the plant pots after you’ve used them.

                  And, that they also accept old venetian blinds. They take them apart and cut the slats to use as plant identifiers.

                  I must have spelled something wrong or made an unintentially crude play on words.
                  And I wasn’t even trying!

                  It’s been a looooong week. If I wrote something offensive, it wasn’t intentional.

                  1. Diane, I think you were accidentally double zapped. I “oh deared” a different comment! DM was just keeping a sweet suggestion away from devilish minds!

                    But blind slats as plant markers? Very clever!

                    Yes Jim! You must check here often!

      2. Many congrats, DM! But if I ever see YOU with a breast pump, I’m going to run away screaming.

  5. Calling parents of kids 7-13: I want to plug SHakespeare Camp at Glennwood Academy. It was the highlight of my daughter’s summer last year. It is run by professional actors from the Shakespeare Tavern. They also kick things off with a special invitation to campers to come to a performance in midtown with a backstage tour. Highly recommended.

    The camp lasts two weeks and ends with a performance on stage at the Tavern in midtown. This year they’re doing Julius Caesar and Taming of the Shrew. The first two-week session is full, but there are lots of spots in the second session: June 21-July 2.

    The website for more info is shakespearetavern(dot)com. Click on Education, then Shakespeare Superhero Summer Camp.

    And by the way, if you’ve never been to the Shakespeare Tavern, don’t be put off by “Shakespeare”. It’s a ton of fun with food and drink (it’s a tavern!), and the comedies especially are worth seeing. They’re doing Taming of the Shrew right now.

  6. I recall an announcement lately about a new printing/design shop that opened in Downtown Decatur…or was coming soon. They included t-shirt printing as part of what they do. I can’t seem to recall the name nor have I been able to spot the place lately. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

  7. Is there a story behind the big house across the street from St. Thomas More? It is a rather large house and always seems to be decorated for holidays – private residence?

  8. Nubbs- yes it is a private residence and was on the Decatur Tour of Homes a few years back. It is awesome inside. They do enjoy decorating for the holidays!

  9. Shakespeare camp is great! My kid loved learning how to stage sword fight. In slo month. He and his friends do it all the time now. Plus we are so lucky to have this right here in lil’ ol’ Decatur!

  10. Has anyone else had the pleasure of using our post office lately? It seems to me the level of service has declined lately. I have been in there a few times recently and had to wait in long lines at peak hours while one postal employee mans the counter. Other employees come and go and no one jumps in to help. Anyone else experienced this?

    1. FH – I cannot imagine it has gotten any worse – as they were rock bottom a few years ago – I switched to Avondale and couldn’t be happier –

      1. I swear to God, if the next time I go to Avondale or Scottdale to avoid the lines downtown there are lines out the door of Decaturites doing the same, I am going to do something bad to you people giving away my secrets 😉

        At least nobody has mentioned the other nearby non-congested post office option!

    2. That’s a new phenomenon? I call a second on Avondale and also encourage you to check into I haven’t been inside a post office in months.

    3. I boycotted the Decatur post office years ago and have never looked back….thank goodness for Avondale…. there is another post office in Kirkwood that is relatively painless, as well.

        1. Yeah, I went to the Kirkwood one the other day to avoid the Decatur one. There was a line in the lobby and a sign on the door that said “Be back at 3:30”. It was 3:40 when I walked in.

    4. I had to get my passport renewed there. The passport office keeps different hours than the actual post office. This was posted NOWHERE. Not the post office door or the door that leads to the passport office. I and someone else were there and the lady made it pretty clear she was not happy about it, and asked me to come back the next day. I shouldn’t have agreed but I really didn’t want to leave my passport in the hands of an unhappy postal worker.

  11. I have two extra tickets to David Wilcox at Eddie’s Attic for tonight. $25 each. The tickets are for a table and you’d get to share the table with my husband and me. We are WONDERFUL people!!! 😉

    Email me if you are interested: [email protected]

    1. After I posted this, I realized that this might now be the venue for sale of a personal nature. My apologies!

  12. If you had to take a visitors to lunch on a Saturday in Decatur which place would you take them too?

    1. If the weather is nice, the back patio of Raging Burrito is a good place for lunch. Best food? I’d have to go with either Leon’s or Brickstore. But if you want to avoid crowds, Feast might be a good bet.

    2. Feast. My favorite place in Decatur. Then, take your visitors for a walk along the path and up to Sycamore Street.

    1. Because your brain has always just missed that opportunity–and you are constantly trying to catch up.

  13. Anyone know of a place to take garage door springs for recycling? I have two very large (3 ft?) pretty hefty springs and don’t know where to take them…

  14. Speaking of recycling….a recycled question! Does anyone know if the Oakhurst Community Garden recycles planting pots and trays? Or anyone else? I hate throwing so much plastic away every spring.

    1. Easy one, AMB: plant trays go in your City of Decatur recycling bin. Weird, but true.

      Or, if you mean “re-use” when you write “recycle,” you could schlep ’em to one of the farmers’ markets (the actual markets, not the retail food store east of town) and see whether any of the farmers would use them. This re-use method worked for me in the past.

      Oh, and to Adam’s query a couple comments up: The steel springs can also go in your city bin. Totally recyclable.

  15. What does one do responsibly with a non-refillable empty fire extinguisher?

    And on a related note, don’t buy cheap bamboo tiki torches. Just sayin’!

  16. On a different note, does anyone have any feedback on the Taste of Decatur event this afternoon?

  17. Does anyone know when Glenlake Park is re-opening? I thought it was supposed to be this month, but it doesn’t look close to finished. Seems that the re-opening keeps getting postponed. Thanks.

      1. On June 7, a whole bunch of happy campers (literally) are signed up to arrive at the Park. If it isn’t ready by then, I sure hope that city officials and commissioners have lots of room in their backyards!

  18. At church this morning, I heard about the “Grace Scholars” Tax Credit program. Several years ago, the General Assembly passed legislation that allows Georgia taxpayers to receive a 100% tax credit for a scholarship contribution to a participating Catholic school. According to the Grace website (, a “100%, dollar-for-dollar tax credit allows tax payers to “redirect” (move your tax payment) to scholarships for students”. Wow, what a deal! This is a great way to promote religious education. If you are interested in making a donation, please consider directing your money to either Saint Thomas More Catholic School (grades 1-8) or Saint Pius X High School. I believe these are the oldest religious schools serving the Decatur community. For more information, go to the Grace website or contact Saint Thomas More Catholic School at 404-373-8456. Thanks.

    1. Forgive the inelegant description, but this is a “sub-program” of a larger tax-rebate program passed by the state legislature to benefit any private or parochial school.

      Any Georgia tax payer (or married couple) can submit paperwork roughly a year ahead of time designating a specific private school to receive up to $1,000 for individuals or $2,500 for couples filing jointly. This allocation comes from the filers’ tax due, costs them nothing, and redirects money that would otherwise go into general state coffers. It’s essentially a stealth voucher.

      In a related note, CSD got roughly one-third of its budget from the state the last year that figures were easily available.

      And I suspect that Mr. Madison would say something along the lines of “one free, white, land-owning man…. one vote.”

      1. Apologies again. I forgot one detail. The money counts as a donation on federal tax returns for the following year, thus lowering the “donors” federal tax burden if s/he chooses to itemize deductions.

      2. And Mr. Madison would be saying that about social issues, and not the separation of church and state–which is what I was implying.

  19. I do most of my shopping at the Decatur FM or YDFM, but today I walked to the baby Kroger and found a surprisingly high number of very reduced-priced items. I nabbed a bottle of pomegranate juice for 50% off (sure, it was conventionally grown and made from concentrate, but it was half-price). Nothing was approaching the expiration date, so I can only imagine the underlying cause. Maybe they’re going to improve their selection of fresh organic and local produce?? Clearing out to make room for Trader Joe’s? Pipe dreams, I know, but a guy can hope. Still, some big savings to take note of.

      1. Yes, I do, and I had to shop there back when i didn’t have a car b/c it was the only place i could walk to while 9 months pregnant.

  20. Farm Burger: Crowded at 6:30 PM on its first Friday night so it seems to be a hit so far. We liked the chicken croquettes (appetizer but enough for a main dish), especially the cranberry orange relish that comes with them, the very fresh salad of the day with a tangy honey mustard sauce, and the kids’ chicken lollipops. The batter on the chicken lollipops was good enough that I’d order them for myself sometime. The fries that came with the chicken lollipops in a cute pail seemed good too. Our favorite was the brown cow (root beer) and black cow (cola) floats. Given that we’re not the biggest burger fans in the world, although occasionally in the mood, we may come back for the floats more than anything else. They served some free fried corn nuggets–they were tasty enough but just a bit too hard to chew–definitely not for someone with a cracked tooth or loose crown. I probably wouldn’t order them off the menu.

    More outdoor seating in this nice weather would be nice but soon it’ll be mosquito season anyway.

    1. I was at Farm Burger around 7 on Saturday night. The line was out the door! But man, was it worth the wait. I’m not a burger fan, but I had to give it a try – and I loved it! I got a Farm Burger with smoked gouda, and onion rings (winner!) and fries with paprika mayo. And an Abita rootbeer! Seriously, I’m in love… I can’t wait to go back and try one of their adult floats – vanilla porter on ice cream 😉

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