President Obama Endorses Hank Johnson

From Hank Johnson’s re-election office…

President Barack Obama announced Thursday his endorsement of Congressman Hank Johnson, who represents Georgia’s Fourth Congressional District.

“Congressman Johnson has done an outstanding job,” said President Obama. “Together, we are fighting to renew our economy. Together, we passed historic health care reform. I am proud to stand with Hank and support his re-election.”

“I am proud to have President Obama’s endorsement,” said Johnson, who is running for a third term. “I am determined to continue our work to move America forward.”

President Obama and Congressman Johnson were colleagues in Congress and fellow members of the Congressional Black Caucus. Congressman Johnson was the first Member of Congress from Georgia to endorse then-Senator Obama’s presidential campaign and served as its co-chair. He has been a strong supporter of President Obama’s legislative priorities, including the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, health care reform, and financial regulatory reform.

17 thoughts on “President Obama Endorses Hank Johnson”

    1. The President of the United States endorses the local House Representative–that is newsworthy. It would have shown bias to not report it.

  1. Just to check I have my time line of events in order this endorsment came after the Guam capsizing comment correct?

  2. It’s just that there is an inherent positive spin coming from Johnson’s site, a unbiased report would have been preferable, yeah Mike… can you even stomach it?

  3. It sure speaks highly of President Obama’s ability to look at the totality of a person, and not just throw someone out for a silly flubbed moment. Makes me think he’d do the same for each of us. I admire him greatly for it!

  4. Deanne… really?? a flubbed moment? do you really think that that “moment” doesn’t speak volumes about the man behind the statement? and have you taken any time to examine Obama’s ideology and background?

    1. Yep. Flubbed moment category. From years of paying attention to how Hank Johnson conducts himself in doing the people’s business. And yep. Much consideration given to how President Obama thinks & goes about weighing things when making decisions. I have great appreciation & admiration for both men.

      I do often wonder if how we gather information affects how we process it. While I avidly follow print & mainstream TV news sources (including PBS), I’ve eliminated talk radio & the cable pundits from my life. For me, it allows me to better focus on what’s truly important. And on what is actually happening.

    2. You tell us, expat2b– what do you belive Obama’s “ideology and background” are? Let me guess: they’re directly related to the “2b” in your moniker, yes?

    3. um… expat2b? Seems odd that you’d ask me a question, then just disappear.

      Serene me thinks that perhaps you are doing some reflecting.
      Snarky me thinks that you are waiting on Rush, Sean, & Neal to issue new talking points.

      1. I haver tried to have an open mind about what conservative Republicans think and believe. I think we all should be skeptical of all politicians, Republicans AND Democrats. I come from Louisiana where some truly corrupt politicians have been Democrats — Edwin Edwards, the suave former governor, is still in federal prison.

        But I simply cannot trust what I hear from right-leaning channels. They don’t tend to be fair or balanced. They have managed to convince a wide swath of followers that they cannot trust with newspapers tell them, because said newspapers are staffed primarily by left-leaning liberals. However, without newspapers, these paragons of the Fifth Estate would not have much to report. Most TV news information originates from newspapers.

        It’s kinda funny that their mantra is that they urge followers to think for themselves, when that’s just the opposite of what they’re actually doing. Truly Orwellian.

  5. Interesting Deanne how you so quickly get into insults when dealing with someone not under the “spell” of the cult of personality that surounds the Obama phenomenon, to suggest that I am waiting for Rush, sean and Neal to give me something to say is insulting and indicative of your character, it tells me all I need to know about you and why you buy into the madness (check out the NCPA if you want to know about gvt policy and what it really amounts to), it just so happens that I have a lot to do besides comment on this blog and I doubt I will again… mainstream TV news sources are transparently spun and when there are serious issues that go unreported by them to instead focus on some triviality in some celebrity’s life its really troubling,
    what I have come to understand about Obamas ideology and background are mainly 2 things: 1.) he and his admin. are intent upon exacting revenge on the very creators of prosperity and wealth that make it possible for all of you smug self-righteous folks to sit around with your comfy heads in the sand (in his book he explains why black people have a “reason to hate”) 2.) nobody really knows much if anything at all about where this man has come from, how was he educated and indoctrinated, I would love to hear from you how I could come to know his background in depth, I would take the time to absorb that info sincerely, I would LOVE to be wrong about this!!!!

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