Rick Riordan at Emory May 7th Courtesy of Little Shop

From the Little Shop website

Rick Riordan not quite Book Release Party for The Red Pyramid on Friday, May 7th!

Rick is actually releasing this first book in The Kane Chronicles series in New York earlier in the week, but this is still pretty darn cool! The author of the phenomenal Percy Jackson & the Olympian books returns!!! This event is being co-hosted with the wonderful people at Emory University’s most excellent Michael C. Carlos Museum and will be held at Emory’s Glenn Memorial Auditorium.

Little Shop’s David Shallenberger tells DM that Riordan is “Little Shop’s best selling author in our five year history” and each time he makes an appearance “it just gets bigger, and this time it will be just plain huge.”

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  1. In addition, we will be holding a drawing. Ten lucky winners will tour the Walter C. Carlos Museum on May 7th with Rick Riordan! Enter at Little Shop of Stories or the Carlos Museum bookstore.

    1. Wasn’t Walter Carlos the guy who did the 2001: A Space Odyssey soundtrack and then, afterwards, became Wendy Carlos through a sex change operation?

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