MARTA “X” Sightings

I’ve already seen THREE different MARTA buses with “X”s on them this morning, including the 103 above, along DeKalb Ave.

It’s a smart campaign.  Personally, the potential cuts are really beginning to hit home.  I just hope people understand that the “X” means a lost bus route.  Leaving the ad on the side of the bus kinda makes it look like it’s an anti-WellStar campaign and not a “MARTA Matters” one.

If you spot an “X” on a MARTA bus and can safely snap a pic, send it in and I’ll create an album of ’em.

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  1. I wish there was a map showing Before and After of the proposed cuts, which even in table or list format, are horrific. I feel confident in saying that at least half the bus network is going to disappear if nothing is done. Even when you look at one area or one person and start looking at how they’ll be affected, the potential damage is startling.

    For example, according to worst-case scenario proposals, Emory and surrounds would lose several bus routes, including the 36 (Arts Center – Avondale), the 16 (Downtown – Morningside), and the 245 (Blue Rider Express Lindbergh – Kensington). In addition, the 6, which has the highest ridership and is a vital lifeline for people all alone the Clifton Road Corridor — it runs from Inman Park in a loop up and around to Lindbergh) is slated for a draftic route change. The bus would no longer run from Inman Park up Moreland, but would leave from North Avenue, go down Ponce and then head up Briarcliff. This would force riders to switch to using the north train line (adding 20-30 minutes added travel time in some cases) and would also eliminate service for the many riders who get on and off at Little Five Points. So no more going to school or going to Little Five with classmates.

    In my personal case, I am lucky because I live at Five Points and would be able to switch to the 6’s new route with minimal disruption to my routine. I’d just take it to either North Avenue or Lindbergh stations and ride into work, which is Emory. In addition I could take the train out to Decatur and ride CCTMA. Or I could walk to Grady Memorial Hospital and take the hourly Cliff shuttle that runs between the hospital and Emory’s Clifton campus. Or I could take my bike on the train and bike from Candler Park up to Emory. However, there are many, many people who do not have such options because they don’t live on top of a train station or aren’t living in Downtown Atlanta — or they won’t even know these options exist. And none of the alternatives are really comparable to current service anyway.

  2. I saw two, one being the Avondale Route, and I glanced inside and saw that a lot of folks were riding.

  3. I saw one in front of the McDonald’s on Marietta Street, by the Five Points plaza. Not sure what # that route is.

  4. I saw a big X on the Lenox MARTA train as I drove to work today. It’s something I will be doing more often if they eliminate the 36 as planned and stop the 19 from going to the Brookhaven station. Somehow, the mighty 2 Ponce de Leon route will not seem the same if it doesn’t go all the way to Avondale.

  5. I just saw one running on W Ponce in downtown Decatur. Also heard 123 (my bus to get to work) has one, and 16 (hubby’s bus to get to work) has one.

  6. We can find all the information we are looking for about MARTA’s proposed service cuts for both bus and rail on their website:

    Scroll to the bottom of the page to find an assortment of PDF files that describe, in addition to other topics: PROPOSED REDUCED RAIL SERVICE PLAN; FUTURE SERVICE PLAN OPTIONS; PROPOSED BUS SERVICE MODIFICATIONS; and perhaps the most helpful item: How to Contact 2010 Elected Officials.

  7. Regardless of support for the concept, it looks like vandalism to me. Are the red x’s painted?

  8. what i don’t know is why aren’t the x’s on the routes with the empty buses? this is a political scam. there are a lot of routes where there are just one or two riders–don’t tell me you don’t see them around town!!! so this is pure politics. it is getting attention though, isn’t it?

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