DHS Junior Does Good, 150 Times Over

A new AJC story about Decatur High School Junior Michelle Gillig…

What Gillig has done is collect enough toiletries to fill 150 shoe boxes, the largest single donation United Way has ever received since launching its Shoebox Project five years ago.

“I think it’s important to give back to your community and it makes me feel really good to help other people,” Gillig said.

The effort, she said, started last summer when she set her sights on the Girl Scout Gold award and received an e-mail about the ShoeBox Project from a friend. Gillig logged onto the United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta’s Web site for more information. The agency was collecting items for area homeless shelters.

5 thoughts on “DHS Junior Does Good, 150 Times Over”

  1. Muchos gracias to Michelle Gillig for this massive contribution to the community. And congratulations to Ms. Gillig for demonstrating leadership, determination, and strong effort. And a plain thanks for demonstrating once again why our city is home to great people.

  2. I know Michelle Gillig and she’s a wonderful young woman. And she’s a great example of the extraordinary work that the Girl Scouts do with young women. The Gold Award in Girl Scouts is the equivalent of making Eagle Scout, but without quite the name recognition.

    Could we take up the challenge and gather materials to make even more shoeboxes from our community, inspired by Michelle G.?

  3. Way to go, Michelle! Not only have you filled all those boxes, but you’ve led dozens of brownies to develop their interest in community service. Thanks DM for calling attention to this great story.

  4. What a great project! And while the article is correct that toiletries alone won’t solve all the problems of the homeless, a day that you can brush your teeth and wash your hair is better than a day that you can’t.

  5. We are lucky to have Michelle live on our block! One of those quiet, steady “get-things-done” young women that is sure to make her mark on the world. Kudos for publishing this!!

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