Farm Burger to Open Wednesday

UPDATE: Owners have confirmed a Wednesday opening.  Taking the “?” out of the post title.

Ketchup and mustard has been on the tables at Farm Burger since mid-last week.  Ramon writes in with the inevitable…

Saw this afternoon that FarmBurger was having an opening house for “Friends & Family.” According to the hostess they are hoping to open this Wednesday, April 21.

Carl is reporting a similar line on Twitter.  I’ve got an email in to the owners to confirm.

13 thoughts on “Farm Burger to Open Wednesday”

  1. Possibly the most anticipated restaurant opening in Decatur since Leon’s. You thought parking at Watershed was bad before. Good thing I can walk.

    1. Agreed, but how many people can Farm Burger seat? It’s gotta be at least half the size of Leon’s.

      Hopefully folks will know to use the overflow lots approved by the ZBA (First Christian and Sharian).

      And what about the credit union parking lot? There’s a helluva lot of parking down on that end of W. Ponce.

      1. The credit union lot is a good idea. I’ve always wondered if they tow from there. But again, I’m usually walking or patronizing somewhere with sufficient parking space (Taqueria del Sol) so it’s not usually an issue for me.

  2. Last night Mei said that they’re shooting for Wednesday or Thursday. They are still waiting on their liquor license. They may just go ahead & “dry” open.

    [ Yay! For us non meat eating folks– they’ll have veggie burgers & will be serving vegetarian friendly COLLARDS! ]

  3. Awesome! That quinoa veggie burger’s gonna be screamin’ my name tomorrow along about dinnertime…

  4. OK, couldn’t wait– went there for lunch with 3 others, 2 of whom were beef eaters & 1 who wasn’t (like me). What to say? Love the concept, and the beef eaters were very pleased with their burgers. Us veggie-eaters were very disappointed. I know what they’re shooting for with their veggie burgers, but honestly– the texture was almost like a grainy mashed-potato cake, and almost as tasteless (even the high-end, tasty garnishes couldn’t make up for it). I saw what appeared to be the owner taking another table’s veggie burgers back to the kitchen, so I don’t think we were the only ones who weren’t digging them. My tablemate & couldn’t eat more than two or three bites of ours before we gave up. I will say that the fries are awesome, the staff are super-nice, and the decor is just right. Hoping they add turkey or chicken burgers to the menu (they serve chicken croquettes, so I don’t see why they couldn’t add a bird burger of some sort). Hopefully, they’ll get this veggie thing worked out!

  5. Went for lunch today, too.
    Mmmm-mmmm. That is a tasty burger.
    My fries were not so good but who cares?
    I’ll bet in a few weeks they’ll be doing everything more consistently.

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