Jason Carter’s Campaign Says It Didn’t Know About Announced Debate

Yesterday I posted an announcement of a “throw down” with the three major contendors for the GA Senate District 42 ticket, hosted by DeKalb’s Libertarian Party.

Today, Jason Carter’s campaign manager, Howard Franklin, says neither he, Carter, or the campaign has ever heard of the event.

This is the first time anyone from Jason Carter’s campaign has heard about this event, including Jason. No one from the Libertarian Party has called or emailed the campaign to ask if Jason was available to participate.

As it were, Jason has a longstanding campaign commitment the same night, which you’re all invited to intend! Please join him for a meet & greet in Johnson Estates at the Home of Debbie and Jerry Miller.

The event has been on our website for nearly a month, and you can find more details and RSVP here: http://carterforstatesenate.com/page/miller

Many thanks.

I’ve gone back to the Libertarian Party to try to get clarification as to what might have caused this mix up.

14 thoughts on “Jason Carter’s Campaign Says It Didn’t Know About Announced Debate”

  1. where the heck is “johnson estates” — give me a break on the “estates” … pulllezze!

  2. Since you said “pullleze!” real nice, “Johnson Estates” is an old residential development just off of “Johnson Road”.
    “Road” …Now there’s a pretentious word.

      1. Do you know if they are going to debate? Carter has a lot of money but money can’t buy you love. However, it can certainly help and I think Stubbs needs to get Carter into a debate. He’s Jimmy’s grandson but other than that who is he?

        1. Don’t know if they’ve got a debate scheduled; if they’re planning to, I’m sure we’ll hear details soon enough. To the best of my knowledge, Jason has a long history of public service– just not in public office. I agree that money can’t buy you love, but it sure do help!

    1. Sorry should have said..

      “I am more impressed that Jason is sticking to a commitment he made to the citizens. Something we rarely see these days.”

    1. Funny you should ask STG. I hadn’t heard back, but this morning was CCed on an email that the Libertarian Party sent to Jason Carter asking him to “reconsider” his decision not to attend tomorrow’s debate.

      Of course, that doesn’t really explain any part of how the “mix-up” occurred.

  3. Trying hard not to pick a horse before we actually hear from all the candidates, but…

    Not real impressed with how David Montané is dealing– or not dealing– with this snafu. I’m always very interested in hearing from Libertarian Party candidates– not so much in one who appears to be being overly handled. Why doesn’t he just clear things up like Tom Stubbs did (very well!) on the other DM post, and get his team focused on setting up a debate date that works for all candidates?

    1. Deanne, I’m sorry to have gotten off on the wrong foot with you.

      I feel that I am far from being “overly handled”. The snafu with the LP debate was not my doing at all. I did not plan the debate in any way – it was sponsored by LP DeKalb. I understood from the LP DeKalb chair that an e-mail was sent to JC and next I heard he would be there and then I got a copy of the announcement with JC’s name on it. Then I found out to the LP DeKalb’s embarrassment that JC never acknowledged the e-mail.

      Everyone on my small team have day jobs or businesses to run, including me, and someone obviously slipped up here. Nobody has ‘fessed up to the snafu and it’s hard for me to blame volunteers who are trying to help promote the cause of liberty.

      There were mostly Libertarians at the debate with Tom Stubbs and because all the questions asked were on liberal issues, we really didn’t have much to distinguish each other until the issue of health care came up, whereupon the audience pounced on Tom for making an exception to the free market when it comes to health care.

      Last night at Congregation Beth Jacob in front of a mostly Jewish crowd of about 110 people, all four of us candidates were given a chance by 3 HOA’s to go head to head and answer audience questions. I stood out as the only one who was calling for smaller government and lower taxes, while the other 3 candidates, not disputing that Education is 60% of the state budget, all said we should increase the Education budget and admitted that we would have to raise taxes in order for that to happen. No one else said maybe its possible that trimming could be done and corruption could be discovered and that there is unnecessary testing going on.

      Tom pled that he is oldest (at 53) and has by far the most political experience so he should be chosen. Patrick said he has proven leadership skills. Jason said he is friends with David Adelman and has lots of endorsements and contacts in high places and that he has spent time talking to the local rabbis and traveled in Jerusalem, sharing their fears of suicide bombers, and that at 34 years of age, he can bring new (young) energy to the job. I tried to show my commitment as a common citizen, to smaller government, lower taxes and more freedoms. But that’s just my perspective. You will obviously get a different perspective of the debate from the others or from any news reports. The AJC sent a writer and a photographer so they may publish something soon.

      My introduction speech is on video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxKmZoSXuJM.

      1. David,

        Aw shucks. I do like it when folks ‘fess up when they mess up! I figured that’s what had probably happened. So apology accepted. And I’m sorry for having been the one to ignite your fuse. (I can relate!)

        This has been a very interesting election to follow. Decatur News Online has had especially good coverage. I’m looking forward to reading about last night’s debate there & in the AJC.

        Best wishes to you down this final stretch!

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