“Decatur Will Be the _____ Capital of the Southeast!”

Outta the mouths of Decatur residents.

It’s funny how many times in recent months I’ve heard the statement above called out; each with unique dreams of regional dominance.  “Book Capital!”  “Food Capital!”  “Festival Capital!”

Well, the city is leading up an effort to capture all these individual passions into a single plan. A “Cultural Arts Master Plan”. And next Monday is your last chance to participate and give your feedback.  Here’s all the info you need, all in one colorful poster.

Click to enlarge.

25 thoughts on ““Decatur Will Be the _____ Capital of the Southeast!””

      1. You mean were aren’t doing a bipartisan push for the damn zombies? Poor zombies.

            1. Mere semantics, mon frere. Either way, we’re talkin’ some seriously laid-back, partyin’ zombies– which is how I like ’em! 😀

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