42nd District Candidate “Throw Down” Next Tuesday

UPDATE: Looks like Jason Carter is a no-go.

Christopher sends along this press release notice…

Throw Down In the 42nd: A Political Debate

Live Onstage For One Night Only!

Jason Carter, David Montané, Tom Stubbs

  • Tuesday April 13th 7:00 PM
  • Free admission
  • Famous Pub & Sports Palace – 2947 N. Druid Hills Road, Toco Hills

This is a political debate for Georgia State Senate District 42 Special Election.  Sponsored by DeKalb County Libertarian Party

*Independent Candidate Steve Patrick has declined to participate.

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  1. Good opportunity to ask Tom Stubbs why he refuses to disclose the names of his donors. Thanks for sharing. I plan to attend.

    1. Where do you find out the disclosure of donors? And what are the issues of this campaign besides the previously posted comment that the candidates want to be elected to something? It’s going to be hard to make it to a bar on a school/work night so hopefully someone will post the bottom line positions here.

  2. This is the first time anyone from Jason Carter’s campaign has heard about this event, including Jason. No one from the Libertarian Party has called or emailed the campaign to ask if Jason was available to participate.

    As it were, Jason has a longstanding campaign commitment the same night, which you’re all invited to intend! Please join him for a meet & greet in Johnson Estates at the Home of Debbie and Jerry Miller.

    The event has been on our website for nearly a month, and you can find more details and RSVP here: http://carterforstatesenate.com/page/miller

    Many thanks.

    Howard Franklin
    Campaign Manager
    Carter for Senate
    (404) 384-9490

  3. I wanted to let everyone know the reason I had to decline the invitation is that I had already made a commitment to host an event at my home the evening of April 13th for the Citadel Garden Club, http://www.lavistapark.org/index.php/pages/MENU_Garden_Club.html.

    I hope the debate next week is informative. We in District 42 deserve leadership who will truly represent the interests of the citizens. I ask you to consider me as your candidate….in addition to my 25 years of “common sense” business experience in commercial real estate, I have also served three terms over the past 8 years as President of my neighborhood Civic Association; participation as a founding member of the Lindbergh LaVista Corridor Coalition; and service on the Clifton Corridor Alternative Analysis Advisory committee…just a few examples of my personal commitment to contribute to the betterment of my community, county, and state. This campaign should not be decided on the amount of money raised, but rather on who has the experience, leadership, and ability to work across “party lines” to further the priorities of the citizens of District 42 and to find “common ground” to help end some of the gridlock in the “gold dome”. We have to find ways to address major Transportation issues in our District; Protect and increase the amount of greenspace acreage in our District. Your State Senator must work with other elected officials to promote Job Creation throughout the State, creative solutions to reverse state revenue shortfalls have to be implemented. Otherwise, even the “best of ideas” for any of the above issues will be impossible. I ask for your vote on May 11 as the “civic-minded, citizen candidate”.


    Steve Patrick

  4. I regret that the Libertarian Party of DeKalb was not able to schedule this district-wide event at a time that does not interfere with Jason Carter’s hectic schedule of home gatherings. I understand he was only given about 5 or 6 days to consider. Maybe he will change his mind and invite the people at his scheduled meeting to come to the debate?

    I was looking forward to pointing out the flaws in his strategy of bringing jobs to the district by attracting big corporations backed by government funding rather than supporting small businesses backed by sweat equity and savings; bringing more tax-sucking, government-run train businesses to Georgia like MARTA and high-speed rail (AmTrak on steroids); spending evermore money to brainwash children at even earlier ages to believe in fascism and socialism instead of inspiring them to learn on their own and think for themselves and teaching them how America was founded on a philosophy of individual liberties and state sovereignty; and restricting our enjoyment of water instead of plugging leaks and finding other sources besides Lake Lanier. (I will reveal a possible major source of water right here in District 42 at the debate tomorrow night.)

    I also hoped he might break his silence about the issues I have raised such as gay and lesbian equality, legalizing marijuana, at least for medical purposes (as 14 states already have), and ending the death penalty, or at least calling a Time Out on it. Maybe since his grandfather signed the current death penalty into law in 1973, he doesn’t want to make waves. I’m sure these issues are not Politically Correct, and he must answer to a lot of people who have paid him a lot of money ($220,000 at last count) to steer clear of any conversations or debates that are not an issue for the Majority of people.

    I am taking a stand for smaller government, lower taxes and more freedoms. I hope there will be another debate J.C. will be able to attend. On the other hand, I’m sure Tom Stubbs will do a fine job stating the case for Democrats and I look forward to debating him tomorrow night.

      1. It means, Mr. Montane, that your tone comes across as condescending and uncivil. I’ve no doubt that your stand on the issues is an impassioned one, but really– there’s a way to communicate that without being snide. You can play nasty somewhere else, but it won’t be appreciated here.

      2. Cubalibre is exactly right. (Thank you cubalibre!)

        Mr. Montané, I get that folks are frustrated with the uncertainty of our times. It’s only been made worse by all the pundits who criticize and don’t offer up real solutions. When I’m considering candidates, I want someone who has a thoughtful, solutions oriented outlook on bettering the lives of everyone. When you have these opportunities to share your stances, you’d be much better served to stick to “Can Do & Will Do.” Lashing out at other candidates gives an unflattering glimpse at how you might conduct yourself while handling the peoples’ business. And it pretty much ticks me off when a candidate thinks I’ll be swayed by negative personal attacks. But hey, it’s just one vote.

      3. Not sure what Mr. Montane’s question was re gay and lesbian equality issues, but Jason Carter was endorsed by Georgia Equality yesterday afternoon.

        1. To all: JC had finally actually stated his views on key issues on his website that I could respond to, so I let loose. I’m sure to left-wing extremists this may seem nasty, but based on his grandfather’s history while running for governor in 1970, any race involving the Carter family will be a nasty race. I don’t consider anything I said to be a personal attack – Jason is a polite young man – I was only trying to address his views, with which I have large disagreements.

          To cubalibre and Deanne: I have the full support of the Libertarian Party of DeKalb and the Libertarian Party of Georgia, as well as Freedom Force Atlanta, and I am one of 140 Liberty Candidates running for various offices around the country which include all parties. I don’t care if you don’t appreciate my comments, others do and it’s free speech. Thanks, Decatur Metro!

          To Another Rick: What do you care what they teach your children in public school as long as you don’t need to pay for it yourself and you can go to work without bothering with the kids hanging around all day. Have you ever read one of your children’s Social Studies books and critically compared it with historical records from early American history? There is no way to end public education overnight, but there needs to be a transition somehow, someday, to make parents responsible for their own children’s upbringing, not make everyone else pay for government-approved propaganda to be taught as if it is the very thing needed for people to feed, clothe and shelter themselves. I would like to not focus on education, except that it is the “elephant in the room” when it comes to the state budget – 60% of the state budget goes to Education! And most of your property taxes go there also. Only the wealthy or self-sacrificing parents have access to choice in education. My father, with only a six-grade education, paid for private school tuition for four children, plus his taxes also. Now he is 77 years old and can’t retire. Social inSecurity is not enough.

          And I’m certainly not talking vouchers either – that’s just another way to shift the burden of tuition from parents to taxpayers.

          I appeal to you to look into the history of public education and open your mind to this very important matter.

          Looking at this from another angle, Georgia has an undeserved bad rep for having poor schools because we give the SAT test to every single 11th grader, while other states only test those who intend to go to college. This skews the results and we will never move up the list until we become selective in who we give the SAT test to. We also spend several hundred thousand to test 1st graders while most other states do not. We feel so inferior that the only answer seems to be to keep throwing money at this problem. This plays right into the educational systems hands because they will always want more money. In this economy, businesses everywhere are suffering and have had to lay off workers and give pay reductions. The public school system needs to figure out ways to become more efficient and get back to the basics of reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmetic. They should also put more junior high students into agricultural and industrial tracks. The federally mandated minimum wage also hurts our young people, who have a hard time reaching the bottom rungs of the ladder of success.

          Speaking of the federal government, this is my true focus of rage. We are all, teachers public and private, students, parents and the rest of us Georgians, suffering at the hands of a fiat monetary system under the control of a central bank in cahoots with the federal government. Notice that they have not been having any problems paying their bills and are still growing strong while the states suffer? What we need is currency competition. I will do my best to get SB 416, the Sound Money in Banking Act, resolved with HB 430, the Constitutional Tender Act, and passed through the General Assembly as soon as possible. This will resolve many of our banking and economic problems and draw businesses and investment money to Georgia where their money and businesses will be safe from inflation.

          To macarolina: Interesting, if true, that JC would get the Georgia Equality endorsement without ever having said anything about the issue. I have been talking about this issue since day one and sought their endorsement back in February. They said they had to wait until qualifying was over to see who all the candidates are. But they never called or even sent me a questionnaire. Could it be the huge fundraising capability of the Carter Center they are after?

          1. Your overall tone, Mr. Montane, including your (incredibly silly) presumption that anyone who finds your mien disagreeable is a “left-wing extremist”, is what is off-putting, and this antagonistic attitude is the reason that the Libertarian Party will continue to find itself a distant third behind the Big Two for many years to come. ‘Nuff said.

  5. What does Mr. Montane mean by implying Mr. Carter supports “spending evermore money to brainwash children at even earlier ages to believe in fascism and socialism”? I have not noticed my public school attending child being “brainwashed” and spouting propaganda like this. However, I have heard similar statements from public education-hating extremists.

  6. Hah! And I thought the Georgia bank failure discussion was fun. But Mr. Montane just brought the excitement to a whole new level! Hang on to your shorts everyone…this is gonna be quite a ride!

    1. Nah, I think not, Token. If you’re thinking we’re about to degenerate into a Boortzian slagfest, ain’t gonna happen. ‘K? 😀

      1. Gosh! Remember the good old days of talk radio when Neal was just Neal, and Sean Hannity was the nice new kid on the block? Sure wish Ralph from Ben Hill was still around…although, there at the end, he worked himself up into a seething fury too…

  7. Wow … Montane seems a little nuts, not to mention that his views against public eduation and transit are not in sync with District 42!

    1. Yes, I’m sure my reaction to all the socialistic ridiculousness does seem “a little nuts” to socialists. The election will show how “in sync” my views are. If not now, maybe future events will change the “consensus” view.

      Whoever wins will be taking a solemn oath to uphold the constitution, whether they understand what they are swearing or not.

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