What Will Decatur Look Like in 10 Years?

DecaturNext just announced this morning that we are just 70 people away from having more people contributing in this year’s Strategic Planning process than during the 2000 Strategic Plan.  Take that younger versions of people I’m always seeing around town!

If you’re still a swinging, non-committed resident, you can still sign up to participate in the 2010 Strategic Plan discussions HERE.

And while we wait out the days until the kick-off meeting on April 15th, I’m curious to hear people’s most outlandish ideas of what they think Decatur will look like 10 years from now.

Personally, I believe it will be a city overrun by roving gangs of free-range chickens and children, where transportation issues will be moot point because no one will ever leave their house.  (Think Hill Valley in Back to the Future II, but with more clucking.)

16 thoughts on “What Will Decatur Look Like in 10 Years?”

    1. I predict that zombie gangs will be eradicated in the great Chicken/Zombie gang wars of 2016.

      The zombies will put up their last stand inside the Callaway Building, which will be destroyed by chicken artillery battalions, making way for the Zombieland mixed-use development project.

      The irony that the chickens will establish HQ inside the Chik-Fil-A will be totally lost on them.

  1. I heard the zombies would have their own focus group at a time and place especially for them, so they should sign up also.

  2. I really do love this town.

    And speaking of chickens, they tend to be slower, blinder, and easier to catch after dark. I was thinking about poking around the corner of of College and Commerce one evening soon to see if I can’t rescue our rebel rooster, Billy Jack. Anybody want to join in the fun? Maybe we could tap a keg in the gas station parking lot afterward. Inaugurate Decatur’s newest festival.

    Or maybe I’ve just had a wee bit too much coffee this morning.

        1. I’ll be there to live-blog the event.

          “Allison is circling Billy Jack
          …she’s got a crazy look in her eye!
          Billy Jack continues to ignore her and continues to peck at the ground.
          Allison lunges!
          No wait…she was just pouring herself another beer from the keg. She’s mumbling something about liquid courage.”

  3. I attended only one round table session ten years ago. I thought then as I do today that this process allowed the elites of Decatur to manipulate public opinion to produce the results they want. In the event I attended, I was in a group where the facilitator tried to convince us that Decatur should adopt tax policies to encourage “diversity” in the neighborhoods. Too many rich people were buying homes in Decatur and forcing poor people out. One person in particular vigorously used the “F” word to try to intimidate the majority of us who opposed the use of tax policy for this purpose. I remember thinking, am I in some sort of soviet twilight zone? It was a very strange meeting. It has been my policy since then to attend meetings where I can give my opinion, listen to others, and leave in time to catch the elimination episode of American Idol. The SP meetings sound like way too much work and not much fun.
    Oh, one more thing. No Decatur zombies. Let Atlanta become Zombieland. Maybe it already is.

    1. Chris, given that, ten years later, Decatur has favorable tax policies tied to income only as it relates to age, and no policies tied to race, it would seem the position held by you and the majority at the meeting was the position that won out. Granted it’s unfortunate the way your fellow participant behaved, but I’d consider that an indictment of him, rather than an indictment of the process.

      The process is only as good as those who take part. But I’m unclear who the elites are. Was it the loudmouths who didn’t get their way or was it the folks who did?

  4. I’d like to push for the closing of the portions of Ponce de Leon Ave and Clairmont that are inside Commerce Avenue to expand the pedestrian friendly town square. Anyone else think that A) this is a good idea; and B) there’s a chance it might pass?

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