College Heights Cookbook Now Available

Aaron sends in this announcement…

The PTA’s Nutrition Committee is thrilled to present the 2010 College Heights Cook Book — “From A to Z.”  This year’s cook book is filled with great holiday recipes, summer treats, kid-friendly eats as well as a new section of activities you can do with your kids!

With the success of last year’s 2009 Cook Book Fundraiser, the PTA was able to implement a learning garden for our students and kitchen-skills workshops for the kitchen staff.  In 2010, we hope that you can continue to help support our endeavors in improving the nutritional value of our children’s meals and snacks and providing continual culinary and nutrition education for the staff by purchasing cook books for your households, friends and family members.

We have made it even easier by providing a Pay Pal account for you to make your donation through by following this link.   After you make your Pay Pal purchase you can pick up your cook book at the front desk or if you would prefer to pay cash via the front desk at school, as well.   Here is pricing information for the cook book.

  • 2010 Cook Book — “From A to Z” — $10 per unit

If you have any questions or would like to be a part of PTA’s Nutrition Committee efforts in anyway, please contact Aaron Marks at amarks2[at]  Again, thank you for your support!

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