Asst. Principal Derrick Thomas Promoted to Renfroe Principal

From the Superintendent’s Report for next week’s Decatur school board meeting…

I have met with members of the RMS SLT. They have discussed the opening at RMS for principal and decided to move in the direction which I requested; to promote Mr. Thomas as the Principal of RMS. I believe this will provide the continuity that the school personnel and parents will need. Mr. Thomas has proven to be an effective Assistant Principal and I have great confidence in his ability to do just as well as the Principal. Congratulations to Mr. Thomas. The RMS team of teachers, parents and Derrick will now proceed to hire an Assistant Principal through a posting and interview process.

5 thoughts on “Asst. Principal Derrick Thomas Promoted to Renfroe Principal”

  1. Derrick Thomas is a proven leader. While he is not about “the show” he is about logic, fairness, and solid decision making. Those are the qualities that make a school great. He is fair to all of the stakeholders. This means our children, parents, teachers, everyone. A good leader does not make decisions based on the whims of one group or another. This is not about a PR guy with a skill-set. It is about a man who has and will work hard using a set of principles. RMS is in great hands.

    Now, if you want to ask real questions! How can we as a community support more Central Office Staff and cut the school calendar? People, we did not cut the calendar and pay to pad our reserve fund or buy computers for children. We also froze salaries and cut benefits. Guys, this community needs to ask questions about any new central office staff. If our budget requires these cuts, so be it. But, you cannot continue to hire non-teaching personnel. CEO? what!!!!!!! You have a small staff and we have a CEO, it is called The Superintendent. This community is a sought out by many. When we need a new Super, do a national wide search!!!! It is why we stopped electing Superintendents!!!!

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