Is Atlanta’s Beer Scene World Class?

A newish list on – with an undeniable American bias – recently listed the 24 “greatest cities in the world for drinking beer”.  And Atlanta, of course, gets a nod, thanks in large part to the Brick Store.  (Why else would I bring it up?)  Here’s the blurb…

Though the American South lagged for quite some time behind the rest of the country in embracing craft beer, it’s catching up quickly. Next to Asheville, perhaps the greatest city in the South in which to enjoy beer is Georgia’s capital, Atlanta.

Two award-winning production breweries operate in the city, Atlanta Brewing Company and Sweetwater, and brewpubs and great beer bars are scattered throughout. But for a real treat? Head to Decatur, where you’ll find one of the nation’s premier beer bars, the Brick Store Pub. Here you’ll find constantly-rotating taps, a second bar dedicated to Belgian beer, an extensive bottle list, and a wonderfully eclectic, beery atmosphere.

Thanks to Skeptic for pointing this out!

13 thoughts on “Is Atlanta’s Beer Scene World Class?”

  1. Let me see if I have this right: To get to a great beer city, go to Atlanta then leave Atlanta for another city then drink a beer from Belgium.

    These list guys must be drunk.

  2. Sweetwater is a true gem (with the exception of the regrettable and ill-conceived Blue), but I’ve always found ABC’s beers to be pretty average.

  3. Atlanta does have lots of great brew pubs, but it could use several more quality breweries.

  4. The ABC pale ale is pretty good and the laughing skull is above average in my mind. Are they sharing those profits with the Vortex?

  5. I’d like to see Twains get a little more recognition. It isn’t on the level of Brick Store, but I often recommend it to friends from out of state and OTP because it is more like the types of bars they are used to: televisions, pool tables, etc. To use a cliched, inappropriate metaphor, Brick Store isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

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