Vernon Jones and DeKalb County Liable For Discrimination Damages

If I didn’t know better, I’d be arguing that this county known as “DeKalb” is really just a front for some sort of screwy non-profit that doles out money to lawyers.

From the AJC

A federal court jury on Thursday awarded two former DeKalb County parks employees $185,000 in damages in the long-running racial discrimination case against the county.

In the culmination of a case that wound through the courts for six years, the jurors found that former DeKalb CEO Vernon Jones, Jones’ former executive assistant, Richard Stogner, former parks director Marilyn Boyd Drew and DeKalb County itself were all liable for damages.

The decision came after seven days of testimony before a jury of six — five white and one black — in a cased filed by four plaintiffs who claimed Jones, DeKalb’s first black CEO when elected in 2000, orchestrated a scheme to replace three top white managers in the parks department with blacks.

The case has been long and costly, with DeKalb spending more than $2.5 million in attorney fees for its defense.

18 thoughts on “Vernon Jones and DeKalb County Liable For Discrimination Damages”

  1. Just a legalese nitpick: Vernon is liable, not guilty, since it’s a civil suit, not a criminal one. 😉

    1. Not to un-recorrect the deuncorrected language in the article, but the article seems to read …. all liable for damages. At least, it seems to legalese that to me.

  2. You know, if they REALLY discriminated, the award seems paltry. Taxpayers could have saved a bundle by just paying them and not going to trial.

    1. Diane,

      As a former white employee under Vernon Jones, I can tell you first hand he discriminated. [edited] I too, along with a co-worker filed suit against Jones for discrimination and a hostile work environment. Dekalb settled our case before it went to trial.

      Yes- it could have save the taxpayers (including me) millions of dollars but you have to know what kind of person Vernon really is and then you would understand-his ego is beyond unbelievable. DO NOT elect him for US Senate.

    1. And at today’s news conference, he trotted out a bible story.

      Is there a word stronger than loathe to describe my feelings towards him?

  3. Vernon never thinks that Vernon did anything wrong. I too worked for him and although it was only for 2 years before I retired, I was in a high level position, and it was clear then he wanted us out, and would do whatever it took to get rid of us. So yes, you would have to know the sneaky, underhanded personality that this County kept electing to office. Not to mention the screwed up state the government is now in because of him. It will take years to fix, if it can be fixed.

    Vernon should have been indicted and jailed for the rape that he said he didn’t commit, and the DA would not prosecute because of “lack of evidence”. Or what about the assault incident with a County Commissioner? The list goes on. If you and I did this, we would be under the jail…..

  4. Lol I meant king Vernon hahah

    but Vernon doing something shady??? I’m appalled sir! Appalled!!! Hahaha

  5. someone made bank off of this suit, and his name begins with ‘vernon’s’ and ends with ‘lawyer’. 2.5 million in attorney’s fees? 6 years to get to a jury trial?

    now if the plaintiffs’ lawyers get their way, there’ll be another couple million flowing from county to lawyer.

    to recap the case: 6 years of suing, paltry jury award, minimal impact on county politics, and rich, rich lawyers.

  6. Now, do not seem surprised. Really, we elect lawyers and they write the laws, so they can build billable hours. Name of the game, “thank you for suing my client”, the refrain these grinning lawyers sing. Just keep on expecting the same….. It is only worse on the state and national level.

  7. I don’t think it’s accurate to blame the lawyers. After all, they didn’t discriminate, and someone has to represent both sides. Yes they made money from it, but it is their right to charge for their services, just like any other profession. I understand they are always an easy target for blame in ANY legal case, but it’s not necessarily appropriate to blame them.

  8. I assume you are a lawyer. I hardly ever hear an ambulance chaser defense. Look I know how the system works. The dance. Not a bad way to get your hooks into the economy. I use lawyers and I have no problem with that. It is necessary. But they write the laws and then make money off it. Alright, we let that happen. And you are right DeKalb county should be embarrassed. They are not though. These jokers come out and proclaim they won! !!!!! I guess their definition is different than mine.

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