DHS Library Looking To Fill Gaps in Yearbook Archive

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The Decatur High School Library has a collection of local yearbooks that dates back to 1922. The library plans to digitize this collection for easier access by alumni, researchers, and genealogists.

We are hoping the local community can help fill in a few gaps. The library is in search of yearbooks from the following schools (missing school years in parentheses): Decatur High School (1912-1921, 1982, 1996); Decatur Boys High School (1933-38, 1943, 1952); Decatur Girls High School (1946, 1949-51); Trinity High School (1956-58, 60-62,64-67), Herring Street School (all years).

If you have a yearbook that you would be willing to donate or allow us to borrow, please contact Heather Newman at 404-370-4420 x119 or by email hnewman AT csdecatur.net You can also mail them directly to the high school (ATTN: Heather Newman) or drop them by the DHS library.

2 thoughts on “DHS Library Looking To Fill Gaps in Yearbook Archive”

  1. Wow. Schools I never heard of. I knew there was once a Beacon Hill School and a Second Avenue school. But what was Trinity High School? Was it on Trinity? What and where was Herring Street School? Is there still a Herring Street?

  2. The Herring Street School was located where Trinity was later built. Today the Decatur police station occupies much of the old Trinity building. I believe the only thing left of the Herring Street School is the gym located next the police station. The DHS library has several copies of the Trinity yearbook, “Trinitron”. These yearbooks, as well as the old “InDecatur”, “Caveat Emptor” (boy’s high), and “Stylus” (girl’s high) yearbooks are very interesting. The words from the DHS alma mater, “In Tradition Bound” become clear as you browse through these beautiful historical records. The DHS librarians, Ms. Newman, Ns. Nolan, and Ms. Riley, do an outstanding job of protecting these records for future generations.
    “In Tradition Bound”. Still good advice today.

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