What’s Going On With “Taste”?

UPDATE: Steve writes “Taste will be reopening soon. Not sure the exact date but I will keep metro posted. Thanks for your concerns.”

Over the past few weeks, I’ve received several questions from residents about whether Taste on Church Street had closed permanently or whether it will soon reopen.

Customers have been turned away by a “Closed” sign for a couple weeks now and there’s a rumor going around that the owner’s Facebook page says he has gone to Australia.   I wrote directly to the owner about a week ago, but haven’t received a reply.  So I guess it’s now up to the community’s collective knowledge to sort things out.

Can anyone clear things up?

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  1. [edited]

    I have wondered what has been going on for a little while because it seemed like inventory had significantly decreased. If we lose Taste, I will miss it!

  2. I too heard the off-to-Australia rumor, and was also told via a person who told a person who told a person (etc.) that he was going to come back for a clearance sale at some point. The store taunts me with its displays of things I want, so I hope that part is true.

  3. I sure hope he’s not counting on the economic situation down there to be any better than it is here. I’ll miss the store, though– I used to get one of my husband’s favorite grilling rubs from them.

  4. oh no! That’s a sad little corner of the square these days. I am hoping it’s not true, but if it is, I hope the clearance sale rumor is true– I haven’t used my half off cupon yet!

  5. I haven’t spoken to Steve since last Fall. At that point, he said he was in training with a major financial firm and that they were talking of moving him to New York. Wherever he is headed, I doubt Taste will be around much longer.

  6. Taste will be reopening soon. Not sure the exact date but I will keep metro posted.
    Thanks for your concerns.

  7. Gossip, gossip, gossip . . . is this the place to put this gentleman’s personal business [edited]

    1. Are you kidding, Square101? A blog has become THE place for local gossip. People say worse than this on this site. Bloggers here have disparaged poor Tom Stubbs for the audacity of putting up signs and campaigning for public office. Local businessman Bruce Cohen was vilified for alleged property neglect. Bloggers regularly malign public figures all the time.

      This is the nature of cyberspace, I guess.

      1. Sad, but true. [edited] I would not want our personal / family info discussed here by people who are assuming (not sure how many City people were in Mr. B’s class at DHS but he loved to write ‘assume’ on the chalk board)

      2. Hmm…Diane, I’m not sure whether I should thank you or be offended. BTW…people say way worse on the AJC.

        Sometimes business and personal situations mix. I wasn’t sure how we would find out what had happened if I kept deleting the most consistent story.

        Square101, I decided not to delete it because no last names were used and no one passed personal judgment. Also, I was getting multiple emails from people that said they have products in the store they wanted to get back, and didn’t know how because no one was returning calls.

        But I see the other side of the argument too.

        Steve has confirmed that the store will reopen at some point in the future (see above), so I’ll now edit out the more personal details.

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