Federal Grant Will Fund Beacon Hill Complex Study

Scott points to a blurb in the print version of the AJC, but not yet online.

Decatur is one of 10 Georgia cities receiving federal money for historic preservation projects.

The city will receive $10,000 from the Historic Preservation Fund to do a condition assessment report and preservation plan for the Beacon Hill complex.

The complex on West Trinity housed pre-integration elementary and high schools for the city’s African-American students.  It has served as the city’s police department since the early 1980s.

The city has considered for years how to renovate the existing building for modern use, while retaining the historic character.

4 thoughts on “Federal Grant Will Fund Beacon Hill Complex Study”

    1. Thanks for the link Helen! Too bad there’s not more to study and conserve in that area these days.

      Which sorta leads back to a question I’ve been asking around for a while now – are there any shotgun houses left inside the Decatur city limits anymore?

      I thought there used to be a couple in Decatur Heights as of 2005, but I can’t locate them anymore.

      Anyone know?

      1. You ought to be able to find out from the historic inventory done last year, right? Don’t know if it’s online yet, but I understood that it will be eventually.

  1. There are still at least two shotguns in Decatur Heights, in the 700 block of Sycamore Drive. Two more on Fairview (still Decatur Heights) were condemned and demolished by the city. I had mixed feelings about that–they were very derelict and the neighborhood children played in and around them, despite all our best efforts. However, there just aren’t many shotguns left in Decatur.

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