CSD 101 Is Coming

The Decatur Education Foundation’s Gail Rothham gives us a sneak-peak of a new series of classes which will soon be available free to the community.

CSD 101 is a new, 5 session course designed to educate residents of Decatur about the school system and to share information about history, governance, curriculum & instruction and special programs. Modeled on the popular Decatur 101, the course will be free and open to the first 30 residents who sign up. Registration will not begin until sometime this summer and the course will meet on 5 evenings in September/October. Each session will meet in a different CSD facility and will feature an optional tour prior to the course session.

The course grew out of recommendations that the city include an evening session about the school system in their popular Decatur 101 course. The city and school system felt that one session would not be nearly enough to cover the material and, with the blessing of Linda Harris and Lyn Menne who developed Decatur 101, Decatur Education Foundation applied for and received a grant from the Great Decatur Beer Festival to create CSD 101. If all goes well this will be offered every year.

3 thoughts on “CSD 101 Is Coming”

  1. Fantastic idea! Thank you City and CSD for responding to this long-standing request. All nihilists MUST apply for CSD 101! Seriously, if this bears even the faintest ressemblance to Decatur 101, it will be incredibly useful for all concerned. I’ll bet both citizens and CSD will learn a ton and benefit.

    Hope Decatur Metro will post the registration info as soon as it becomes available so the nihilists can get a head start….:)

  2. Has anyone heard any updates? Seems like all the attention is directed to the 10-year plan. Dying to know when these classes will be.

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