Active Living Director Dan Magee Leaving Decatur for Athens

The DNO e-pub reports that Decatur’s Active Living Director, Dan Magee, is leaving his position at the end of March to become Supervisor of Parks for Athens-Clarke County.

Magee tells the DNO that it is “very, very, very difficult to leave the City of Decatur”, but he sees Athens as a “dream job” and believes that Active Living’s Assistant Direct, Greg White, is “more than ready to run the show.”

All the best Dan!

7 thoughts on “Active Living Director Dan Magee Leaving Decatur for Athens”

  1. Dan has been awesome, I loved the energy he brings to the job! Greg White is also amazing, so while I will miss Dan, we will not miss a beat with Greg.

  2. As a Decatur resident–
    Thank you for all that you’ve done to make this an even better place to live!

    As a “from Athens” gal–
    Yay! They’re going to love you! Can’t wait to hear of all the good things you’ll do!

  3. You will be missed Dan! But Greg is a great guy, so hopefully the transition won’t be too painful…

  4. Decatur Active Living, the rec center formerly known as Decatur Rec, rocks! It brings citizens across all areas and subgroups in Decatur in productive ways unlike any other institution in the City. It’s leadership is proactive, non-defensive, inclusive, and truly listening to its constituency.

  5. Hey, Greg White has been working for the city rec department FOR YEARS and years. If there was any transition, it was to Dan.

    There was a nationwide search for this position, as I recall, and they didn’t promote from within.

    Dan was great, but it’s disappointing he didn’t stick around longer.

  6. I’d like to sincerely thank Decatur Metro for always supporting Decatur Active Living with event and program announcements, posting many photos’s, providing a forum for discussion (the Glenlake Park renovation), etc. It’s a great blog and one more thing that makes this city special! THANKS MUCH!

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