Afternoon Fire on Weeks Street

CSD Mom writes in…

I’m surprised you didn’t post about the big fire over on S. Columbia this afternoon. I should have taken pictures. It was an enormous blaze. I couldn’t tell exactly where it was, but I think it was a formerly residential/now commercial building on S. Columbia between College and Talley. The smoke was tremendous and the blaze was frighteningly huge! It sounded like fireworks for awhile…I think there were numerous small explosions going on. I can’t find anything about it on the news websites although there was a helicopter there.

The DNO reports the fire occurred in a woodworking shop on Weeks Street.  Sounds pretty intense.

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  1. At the time I didn’t know what building it was, whether a house or commercial building. Turns out it was a small shed, but the explosions caused by (I assume) accelerants in the building caused an enormous fire!

  2. According to an officer on duty at the intersection of E College and S Columbia, the fire was located at the radiator shop on Weeks St.

  3. This was a wood storage shed behind a house owned by Volkmar Wochatz, a carpenter who organized SkaterAid some years ago after his son died of brain cancer. I walked through that shed once. Guess the wood was very dry.

    See some photos I took this afternoon at

    Unfortunately, the metal shed up the street where I’m told coffee is roasted is still there, so we’ll still smell the smoke at the Corner Pub.

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