Marietta Diner Owners Renovating Atlanta Bread Space

Looks like the plans of a Greek Diner in the old Atlanta Bread Company space are history…or we just never had it more than 50% right.

Carl reports on Twitter…

Spoke with future #DecaturGA eatery at 205 E PDL: same ownership as Marietta Diner, plans to be open 24/7.

Definitely diner fare.  Check out the menu of the Marietta Diner HERE.

30 thoughts on “Marietta Diner Owners Renovating Atlanta Bread Space”

    1. Why, instead of a photo disclaimer, wouldn’t you just raise your plating standards?

      Maybe I’m being a grump, but I like my diners to be diners and not fancy pants restaurants. Tasty Town was the best ever.

  1. It would seem to me to be quite a challenge to operate a place of that magnitude out of that space – but I’ve never been in the business. I wish them well.

  2. marietta diner is AMAZING. definitely a classier diner than a lot of the others around town. better food, more options, cleaner, etc. but i’ve been hoping for a 24 hour diner since ABC closed! decatur definitely needs it.

  3. Awesome. I’ve been wanting to try Marietta Diner since it was featured on Guy Fieri’s show, “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives.” Glad it’ll be open 24 hours too!

  4. I think it definitely fills a need. Never been to Marietta Diner but I hear it’s very good.
    Not sure about the 24/7 operations in Decatur. Are there enough college kids and shift workers to support that? Guess we’ll see…

    1. Not sure only college kids or late shift workers would patronize a 24/7 place. I would hope that Decatur aims to be more of a 24/7 type of town rather than just a sleepy bedroom community.

      I say bring it on! We’ve got enough of other types of restaurants/bars in town. It should fill a niche and be successful.

  5. Actually I believe the owners are Greek. I asked if it would be similar to Mykonos Taverna (as we’d heard that as a rumor), and they said that it would be “much better.”

  6. Why isn’t there a great bagel place in Decatur? We need a Goldberg’s Deli so bad…or even a mediocre bagel place…Why, why, why?

    1. Excellent point! The right place might make a killing. Fresh New York City style bagels, e.g. like at Bagel Palace, not the thin hockey puck bagels used for sandwiches around town.

      There used to be an Einstein Brothers in the shopping plaza next to Athen’s Pizza years ago. According to the staff, it closed more because of poor management than lack of customers. It always seemed full.

  7. I noticed a “stop work” order plastered on the door when I was walking by the other day — seems there was a little issue of un-applied-for permits…

  8. Heck fudging Yes! I’ve been saying forever that Decatur needs a real Jersey-style diner. The Marietta Diner folks have been doing it right for years and this will be a prefect fit!

  9. The Leasing sign seems to have disappeared from the Quiznos window. Has Carl tweeted the new tenant yet? 🙂

  10. Can someone start a Face Book page that “officially” asks for a bagel place to locate in Decatur? I would myself but am basically computer illiterate…Please???

  11. the Marietta Diner rocks. And I do believe the owners are Greek. Much more expansive menu than a Waffle House or Majestic. 24 hours downtown being the best part.

  12. Marietta Diner is a great diner…and it is owned by a Greek family. There’s ALWAYS a wait for breakfast, brunch, etc. on weekends. If that’s what they’re doing here, it will be a great addition to Decatur. We should welcome it.

  13. Diner sounds OK but Decatur really needs a quality bakery — lets go broader than bagels (which I also love). I’m tired of driving to Alon’s!

    1. Agree. There’s places to get a limited number and variety of quality baked goods–e.g. Duck’s, Pastries A Go Go, Sawicki’s, but nothing of the scope of Alon’s. I’ve always thought an Alon’s clone or satellite would do great in Decatur. But maybe not–anyone remember Metro Market? I loved it but evidently not enough other folks did. And Indie’s used Alon’s for its pastries but it couldn’t make a go of it.

      We all seem to long for Alon’s, Trader Joe’s, and Metro Fresh, but would we really shop there enough and spend enough? Our run-of-the-mill CVS seems to be what survives when other neat stores come and go.

      Please do not let any of the above businesses read this post because I’m still desperately hoping they will come to Decatur.

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