Sammiches n’ Stuff Now Open

Lots of restaurant news in the past few days.  Quizno’s closes.  Locally-owned Sammiches n Stuff opens below Eddie’s Attic in the old Jake’s/Little Shop space!

Daren sent in the above pic of happy staff members.

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  1. The menu is straight forward, but very reasonably priced. The empty cooler is misleading, the place is otherwise well stocked and well staffed. I did not eat there, however, since I stopped in for a look and to pick up the menu after a lunch meeting.

    I think that if the stuff is fresh and good, they’ll have a big hit. One can not underestimate the value of facing that big honkin’ Dekalb County Courthouse. Every day, hundreds of jurors are going to walk out of that courthouse and think that’s the easiest, quickest and cheapest place to eat.

  2. Personally, I’m a bit skeptical of the kind of “Stuff” I might get from someone who can’t spell “Sandwich”.

    1. I don’t they were attempting to spell, “sandwich”. Clearly, they were trying to spell, “sammich”.
      I am forever interested in exactly who is confused.

  3. I really can’t figure out whether the sensitivity to ‘sammich’ is a generation, culture or *gasp* class thing. As a lifelong southerner ‘of a certain age’ 1.5 generations off the farm, sammich has always been an acceptable, albeit slang, word. Does Dunkin’ Donuts inspire similar whinging?

    1. Maybe I’m just an old Yankee, but I don’t find the word “sammich” to be cute and endearing. It looks and sounds stupid. Maybe it’s irrational and maybe I’m just starting to sound like my father (egads!). Whatever, I’m REALLY craving a good ol’ hoagie now!

        1. Po-boy? Now look whose making this a *gasp* class thing!

          But seriously, even a sub will do. Put a Jersey Mikes into the rude, closed Quizno’s and see who wins the war between the states’ sandwiches!

      1. Well, I’m a born & bred Southerner, not entirely humorless, enjoy sandwiches, root for new local businesses– and I don’t find “sammich” to be cute or catchy, either. Just my two bits, but “Sammiches & Stuff” sounds like they gave about 30 seconds of thought to the name once they decided to open their business. I hope this place doesn’t have to learn its lesson the “Pharmhouse” way…

  4. Look, we are losing the rude Quiznos. Rejoice in the opening of a “SMALL LOCALLY OWNED BUSINESS”

  5. shhhhhsssshh..quit yer whinning…..go get a samwhich and then you can decide if you like the name, or if it doesnt matter….what the heck is a iberian pig and would you eat that?

    1. I believe an Iberian pig is a porcine animal that hails from the Iberian peninsula–Spain and Portugal. And yes I would eat that.

  6. I live in Decatur and people are always complaining about how the big corp business are coming in here and putting the local small businesses out of business. I went in there today for lunch, the two owners and their mother we so nice, not to mention the food was great!! Here are some people that live in decatur and want to do something good in the community but yet people have to take everything so personally. After talking with them, I know understand the name. One of the owners is names Sammy….. Sammy’s Sandwiches….. Sammiches. With everything else going on around here, why can’t we be happy that we have a new place in town with good food, nice owners and the prices are good also. That is my opinion and you know what they say about opinion’s.

  7. I was just purusing the DM archives. Most folks (including DM) may not realize that it goes back more than 10 years. Here is a discussion I discovered:

    DM2B: “A new place is opening up on the square…”
    YoungPaula:”What an odd name. Do they sell building supplies along with beer?”
    LittleNellie: “Don’t think so, but I guess the food feels like a brick in your stomach. Rather oft-putting”
    CrankyNewTimer: “Don’t care what they call it, just as long as it has my Budweiser. I can’t imagine a day when I couldn’t get a Bud at every bar in Decatur.”

    1. You forgot:

      Cuba in Chains: “I just went there and tried rum with limes for the very first time! It was awesome!”

      W. Gibbets: “Silly name for a pub, but I’ll check it out for the beer selection.”

      Decatur’s Young Republican: “Hello? Anyone out there? I feel so alone.”

      1. Or:

        Lil TeeRuss: “I may get to really enjoy this place–what’s it called again? And can I walk home from here?’

        Eric: “I’ll hit it on the way home from the shooting range.”

        (Pick any name): “Oh, why bother, the government is just going to take it over and give it to the socialists!”

      2. *rattling chains*
        Y’all simmah down now!
        *squeezes a lime into Gibbet’s Scope to make it more potable*

  8. I got a very reasonably priced and quite satisfying BLT from there yesterday. The staff seems totally clueless and flustered (the manager kept reminding everyone to use their “playground voice,” whatever that means), but maybe they’ll settle into things.

  9. I just went to the restaurant a few days ago—and I must say, I have never seen a cleaner shop! The food was not only delicious, but the staff seemed completely capable and the service was extremely fast, so I am puzzled about someone’s comment on the staff. It’s as if that person was in a completely different restaurant. Most puzzling, though, are the nasty comments about the name. For one thing, one of the owner’s names is Sammy (David) Morris and secondly, how on earth is a cute name like Sammiches offensive to ANYone?
    Get over yourselves and get a sense of humor–they’re nice.
    Get in touch with your inner child when a great sandwich was a thing of Moms, free afternoons with no work or responsibilities, and the simple joy of comfort food done well. Yeesh.

  10. Had a delicious lunch this past Friday with my wife. I chose the Italian combo while she enjoyed a turkey Reuben. We were very happy with our selections & portion sizes. This place will be a major success. Give these guys some time to work out the kinks & lay off the name already!

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