Bystander Shot Outside Edgewood Shopping Center Sunday

Atlanta Police already have two people in custody from this shooting, which took place yesterday afternoon around 5p at the Edgewood Shopping Center.  From the AJC

The shooting left a 30-year-old man with a bullet wound in the back. The man, whom Schwartz did not identify, was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital and was in stable condition.

He was idling at a red light on Moreland Avenue when the bullet struck him, Lt. Darin Schierbaum of the Atlanta police said. The man drove into the shopping center and stopped in the parking lot of the Kroger grocery store. A woman in the passenger seat was uninjured, Schierbaum said.

The man was driving a four-door Toyota Matrix. A bullet hole was visible in the rear driver’s-side door. Another hole could be seen in the lower back area of the driver’s seat.

Over at CL, Thomas Wheatley reports that Chef Richard Blais tweeted that he heard 3 shots fired and then saw a moving truck “screaming wildly thru the park lot.”

A Penske truck and a silver Mercedes have been tied to the event.  Both vehicles have already been recovered, along with two so-far unnamed “persons-of-interest.”

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