The Grange Becomes “The Marlay”

Update II: More on the name “Marlay” HERE.  (Thanks CB!) Pretty great suggestion by the three parties that submitted it!

Update: The mayor just unveiled the name. CBS news also in the house.  See pic below.

The Grange is making the best of a bad situation and turning its forced renaming into an event. Mayor Floyd will announce the new name tonight at the “Rename the Grange” party at 8:30p.

You can’t see it from my crappy photo, but the foot of the first letter is sticking out of the left side of the brown paper. Looks to me like an “A”.

14 thoughts on “The Grange Becomes “The Marlay””

  1. It still really pisses me off that they were bullied into this. I can understand that they don’t have the resources to fight it, but it was a jerk move on the part of The National Grange.

  2. Can’t say I care for the name. Too obscure. I guess keeping the same number of letters was a priority.

  3. If I recall correctly, most folks weren’t very excited about the name “The Grange” when it was first announced either. I’m sure it will grow on us.

  4. I’ll be the dissenting voice. I very much like the new name: The Marlay. I like the sound of it and I like the story behind it, but I’ll probably keep calling it The Grange for a while. I only just stopped calling it The Angel, after all. Also, if you rearrange the letters, you can call it La Mary, and I like that, too.

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